questionswhat do you think of the new internet trend/memeā€¦


It's lame and sick. Period.


Poor taste, bordering on sicko. Whatever's going on with the guy, it's best for folks to leave him alone.


I've been doing this ever since high school. Nothing new for me here...


I'm still confused as to why this is a national story. Some 20 year old tool got pranked or was doing the pranking; happens all the time. If somebody somehow gets sued out of this whole ordeal I'm gonna be pissed.


This seems to be the week for sports stars to be admitting stuff.


I know the back story make it worse then it is, but it is
better then that pose that under age girls do where they put on a push up bra, wear something low cut, and hold the camera above their head pointing at the cleavage and pucker up.
Wait, is that your daughter? She is how old!?!


It's a national story because he was on a team that went to the national championship and he was up for the biggest award a college football player can get.

As far as memes of dumb poses related to celebrities, I think South Park has covered that topic pretty well.