questionsdoes anyone wonder if a w00t!-off is such a great…


ANY time IS a GOOD time ... I have had no problems with them this year. Sorry your issues with Woot but when your getting that good of a deal. You learn 2 have some patience this time of year.


@drivebypaint: To be fair, there have been an innumerable amount of issues recently - far more than should be expected this time of year. Support is still a week out in answering emails, vendors not fulfilling orders, shipping problems, shirt.woot is behind and having QC issues, etc. They seem to be getting over the hill and working back to level, but realistically, are not there yet.

I cannot imagine the level of stress on the CSRs and other staff right now. I agree that the woot-off may push this into the next level of overload. But hey, I don't schedule woot-offs, I just watch them.


@drivebypaint: It is not me having issues, although many others are. My concern was with the CSRs. I can only imagine the amount of work they are about to receive. I think you misinterpreted the question.


@morriea: I'm sorry as you pointed out. Yes I did misinterpreted what you were asking.


Well, I didn't see this and just asked the exact same question. I deleted it, but I'' go ahead and post it here.

So with the current struggles of customer service, another woot-off just doesn't seem like a great idea. I'm not sure sure who makes these decisions any more but they have a tendency of getting their staff in over their heads. It looks like Woot would want to limit itself to normal purchases until they've caught up and CS doesn't need the (paraphrased) "We're swamped we'll get back to you in a week disclaimer". The community gets the spill over of crazies and this becomes a very sad place to visit. Keeping in mind that Woot is a business, who's ultimate goal is to make money, it's starting to border on greedy with poor business practices.
I'd go ahead and throw out a disclaimer that paying for 2-day shipping will not get anyone their items by xmas.


Excellent idea Woot! Let's just throw a couple more barrels of gasoline into the bonfire.


Truthfully, I didn't realize that there was a Woot-Off going on. I don't pay much attention to Woot anymore. Didn't they just have a Woot-Off? I do feel sorry for the customer service reps. Hang in there guys and gals!