questionshave the sponsored deals been that bad?


It seems like there needs to be a whipping buy on the front page and any weakness in votes gets killed off. I am not sure today's bottom feeder (Dell Optilex) actually started there. But, it has been a long day and I could be mistaken.

Thanks for asking this question, I was wanting to, but I have asked way more questions, lately, than normal.


this last one is, and the merchant is at the bottom of the list of people you should never do business with. I'm actually surprised that gearxs still is allowed to buy their way into the sponsored list. Absolute worst company I've had the displeasure of dealing with in my entire life. It was a small transaction, but they lied, scammed, accused me of lying, and denied I was a customer for a while. They turned an $8 transaction into a nightmare that I will carry to my grave. My tombstone will be engraved "avoid gearxs like the plague, these people are crooks!" If I decided to avoid the internet for the next 10 years, my first action upon signing back on in year 11 would be to post another negative review of gearxs. I have fantasies of causing bodily harm to the people that own/run that mess.


@kamikazeken: A matter of principle, right? Because, for $8, it seems excessive. Now, if it were me, quite frankly, I typically think that going-too-far is never far enough; so I would probably react the same way. KUDOS!