questionsif i want to keep my living room cool in theā€¦


You can get room darkening curtains that are white. I have some in my bedroom and they're fantastic. At noon, my room is darker than most rooms are in the evening. They're not that pretty though, if you have decor in mind.


get lined curtains. the old style thermolined curtains work the best.

if you are interested in appearance you can add a layerof fabric to the outside that looks nice. hem the bottom and top, but only attach it to the top so it looks like it's floating above the lined one (less noticable than if you attach at the bottom to)


I have insulated drapes that are meant to cut the light and heat. I live in a desert, and my house faces east and has a large window on the west, as well. The drapes are lined, and are themselves a light color (somewhere between sand and a very light gold). Dark drapes usually make the room look smaller, to me.

I use dark heavy panels in the kitchen, where the other large window is, but I leave them tied back unless it's hot outside, and it's afternoon.


I agree with getting lined curtains. The color of the fabric over the lining doesn't matter. If you find curtains you like that do not have thermo lining of some sort, you can buy the lining at a fabric store and sew it in yourself (assuming you have a sewing machine and are so inclined).


@moosezilla: @shrdlu: @alpayton: If you guys see this, just wanted to thank you for the good advice. I put up a set of thermal-lined curtains a few weeks ago, and I can definitely tell a noticeable difference in my living room temperature. Still gets hot, but not nearly as hot, on a hot day like this. So thanks!