questionswhat do you think will qualify you for the june…


What have we had so far? It has been asking a question, a deal going popular, but not sure of the others, but I know this is the third or fourth free item I have received the last couple of months.

Maybe it will have to do with tattling?


My guess is submitting/asking a popular question. The chances of being correct are 725 to 1. And I've been known to make mistakes... from time to time.


Seriously? I don't think it's a gift EVERY month. We can't assume there will always be presents. Just keep doing what you always do and let the gifts be pleasant surprises if and when they come. Keep on Wooting!


@abramokids: Good point, I have not expected any of the free swag I have gotten so far. Every time I got something in the mail my reaction was, "oh wow, how unexpected. Thanks @jumbowoot & staff!"


I agree with abramokids, but if I had to think of one...

I'd say it'll be..., leaderboard rankings, all prime numbers up to 997 gets something.

...what? I didn't say it'd be a good way of choosing.


@sykotek: Can we use today's rankings? I am currently #47.


I should have placed an if in my in if there is a June gift. I don't expect anything either and am happy if and when I get something


i'd say with my charming good looks and debonaire dress, i'm a shoe-in.
but i could be wrong. we may not get a june gift ;)

so far it's been:
posting a deal that went popular
asking a legit purchasing or advice question and keeping up the discussion
voting on something in "fresh"