questionslooking for a pull-up bar with ab straps, any…


i think woot has sold something like this before:

i bought one and it works well. i believe it also came with straps. look around though. i'm pretty sure you can find it for a better price.


Woot! sold this one which is very similar to the one linked already:

One thing you should do whichever one you decide on, is measure your door's molding or trim to be sure it will fit in the doorway.


I'm looking for a strapless push-up bra. Any ideas?

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I'm a member of a gym, but that's completely not useful. I want one to put on my kitchen door.

Your comment was completely useless.


Yours too.


If you own your house, install one using pipe and flanges in the door way, then buy a pair of ab straps. If not, I'd suggest getting a power tower or something similar.