questionsshould i be happy or sad to be #12 on theā€¦


I am #10. I haven't posted a deal in MONTHS (I think 6) and only 3 in the past year. I am actually pretty sure that one of those was just over a year ago. I'm not sure what keeps me up there anymore, but I rarely look at the leaderboard anyway.

I just don't think it's as difficult these days as it was 2 or 3 years ago. There are so few participating anymore. Most lurk in the corners looking for deals, but very few answer questions, or post and comment on deals (myself included).

If you add a comment or two each day and posted a question EVER, and perhaps place an upvote every now and then, you'll be in the top 50. If you post a question you'll be in the top 20. Post a deal too and you could get to #1.


By Friday I am going to bet you will anywhere from 5-8 just by asking this question and getting a few up-votes. It is a lot easier to get in to the top positions nowadays since the participation has slowed considerably. If this was a year ago, I do not think I would even be in the top ten.

Congrats! You have sure earned with all of the answers and comments you contribute around here!


I suddenly jumped to #4 with 99.2%. I'm still posting deals, but haven't done much in the way of tattling (tattled 3 or 4 deals that came to my attention a few days ago), haven't voted for many comments, and haven't posted a question since July. Too busy to do much right now, so I had been watching my rating steadily drop until, with no extra activity, it jumped up this morning. I was wondering whether this reflects the reduction of emphasis on posting questions, but perhaps it's more than that. Sad to think that some of our best and most active Wootizens aren't participating.


@belyndag: I gave up on tattling because my tattle meter never moves no matter what I do. I have tattled on a dozen or more expired deals in a row and it hasn't ever registered at all. I think it's broken. I'd rather spend my time doing something other than taking out the garbage so I quit.


I just fell out of the top 15 (currently #16), probably becasue it kept telling me to ask a question and I didn't. Anyways congrats on making it to the top 15


I'm currently #11. I just throw up good deals I see in the Newegg e-blasts. Usually USB memory sticks or a monitor... Been a couple months since I asked a question and I only reply to anything when I'm bored. Like now.

Yes, it's pretty darn easy to stay in the top 25. I could stop logging in for 3 weeks and still be top 25. Don't know how all this works...


At this point in the game not sure many still care at all, I know I don't . With @jumbowoot gone not much incentive to try ay more.


If you feel happy, be happy !
I say go @moondrake !
Hope to see you at the top.

Sometimes silly things like a spot on the leaderboard, {regardless of the cirmcumstances here at Deals these days or maybe in spite of} can still be a little lift to an otherwise crappy or even ordinary day.

Congratulations and w/ high regard,


Does it really matter? People are too into scoring points.


@ojulius: No it doesn't matter, but it's being used here as a metric to show how activity on deals.woot has dropped off drastically in the last year. It took me a long while to get "Q" status, and I only broke the top 10 a few times, but now I do little to nothing with this site and yet my rating stays high because surprise so many other folks are doing nothing or more nothing than me.


@ki4rxm: That was pretty much my point.


@capguncowboy: Interesting quantitative analysis. Given the drastic drop-off in participation and @moondrake's reference to piled corpses, I wonder if there actually are any dead people among the top 100? Maybe we should do a roll call ...


@ginawoot: currently #16 and I am still living or at least I hope I am


@ojulius: Very few things really matter, and the woot leaderboard is certainly not among them. I don;t think anyone has ever suggested that a position on the leaderboard has any meaning in the great flow of life on this planet, and even less so since the loyalty rewards system is all but dead. But here is nothing wrong in taking pleasure in the little things. The melon seeds I planted on a whim instead of tossing in the garbage are coming up (probably too late for melons, but any green in the desert is a celebration). I am making my last payment on my new windows next week. The weather this summer has been wonderful. I am on the leaderboard for the first time in like 7 years of wooting. It's not a "stop the presses" event, but it's a minor yippee.


It's like the meaningless Bonus Points I love to hand out. They mean absolutely nothing, but sometimes it just makes someone's day when I say "10 Bonus Points to you!"

I try to be a good community member and have never cracked the top 15. Obviously not THAT many folks have jumped ship. Congrats @moondrake, you deserve it! Maybe I'll meet you there someday.


@hot72chev: +1 internets to you. Better than points.