questionswhat is the deal with woots prices?


People still shop here? I thought it was like the Dollar store up the street from me: Same junk you can buy at any other online store, just costs more.


I have WootStalker as one of my "Kill Time Bookmarks", so I still browse.

I think the last thing I bought was the electric blanket with the wrong power cord.


My lousy experience with the "mystery jewelry" from the Accessories tab was the final straw and the last purchase I'll make on the Woot side of things.


There are no longer any "deals" with Woot prices.


@nedreck: With that answer, I need to use the laboratory, um, lavatory.


The prices on the Lodge sale are just ludicrous. How difficult is it for a buyer to do a simple google search and check that the pricing is good? I mean, it's not even competitive.


I bought something on the other side just the other day. I needed a duffel bag and the Red Kiva one was a good price for a good bag. I also added in a pair of $15 headphones since shipping was paid on the bag. I did price comparison's for both and was happy with my purchase. I received the headphones already (they are still on sale in sellout). Before that i bought a computer (Zenbook) and I have been very pleased with it.

I can't say I see many deals I jump for anymore though. I always look to see if they've got something we need. Usually, it's not cheap enough to take a chance on not being able to return it. I'll pay more to get it from Amazon and sometimes even target.