questionsdoes anyone have solar post caps on their deckā€¦


"don't last very long" is a very open statement. In compared to what? I use many of the solar lights that I get when they are cheap. (quite often as inexpensive as the rechargeable batteries needed). I expect a couple years (2) and then get new ones. I only pay a couple bucks each. So "Keep replacing them" means you have to find a sale on them every couple years? Seems reasonable.

That being said, because these are solar, you will find that you get a lot less winter use than summer use due to the lack of hours the sun is out. I wish it were the other way around since it is light quite late in the summer anyway.


I bought some from Daily Steals or one of those "lesser" deal a day sites. They were pretty cheap (both in the way they're made and the cost). I've had them up for a few months and they are still working. They only stay lit until around 12-1 AM depending on how much sunlight they got that day but they're in the shade from my house and the neighbors' house most of the time.


I have some Very Cheap ones from the local dollar store, 4 years old...just had to replace the rechargeable batteries this year for the first time.


Mine are working fine after 2 years. The batteries are probably about ready for replacement, but shopping around can get them pretty cheap.


I have them on my deck, bought them at home depot, installed them, and after about 2.5 years I replaced the batteries. Work flawlessly. I made sure I got mine that lit up in a bluish light and not a yellow. Look nice in winter and summer, although they stay on longer in the summer for obvious reasons.
If you install them, depending on where you live at, put a bead of silicone around the post and then put them on. I removed one completely, because someone was a knucklehead and hit it with a shovel, and it came off easily with a putty knife and some pressure. (I used the putty knife to break the silicone seal around it then pulled it.

Make sure to buy a couple of spare ones incase you have some break. they may not always be available. After winter and about mid summer I take a rag and bucket and clean the dirt off the solar panel and off the glass. You may need to take the top off to clean the glass, its easy. THen snap it back together. I get high winds and have had no issues.


If possible, get ones that have real glass lenses instead of plastic. You won't regret it.


Thanks everyone for your help. Went ahead and ordered them.

ecriscit - I copied your post for my husband. Thanks.


I've been through like five different types of post caps and been irritated about all of them. I got atlanta post caps company caps, they warranty them for 7 years, and their way cheaper than the wood ones I got last time. if you want to check them out.


Hoover Fence has a 20 year warranty : The designer caps come with a manufacturer's 20 year warranty (two year for bulbs) and will not tarnish like stamped metal post caps. Caps have two LED bulbs that provide a pleasing but not overpowering light. Two rechargeable batteries included. Caps include the Solar Lighting Cape May and Neptune post caps. Designer Post Skirts are also available in all sizes to match the post caps. Note: We are unable to guarantee the lifespan of the courtesy batteries that are shipped with the caps. Replacements can be purchased locally.