questionsi realize that this comes from fox news, but…


It's more legit than NBCs edited Zimmerman 911 call.


As a school I can understand how they would want to remove the word, they have to be inclusive of all of the students. Even those who worship a different god or gods.

As for the copyright question I'd think they could say it's fair use or maybe in extreme cases claim parody Weird Al asks for permission to parody a song, but is not required to by law.

I think a better solution might have been to simply pick a different song. There are no shortage of songs about the USA many with not reference to God or religion.

I also feel like this story is an example of the minutiae that gets people fired up but is really a non issue in comparison with any other issue of the day.


In my opinion, it's much ado over nothing.


@gideonfrost: Seconded. And really, be smart about this stuff. Don't they teach good decision making in school? Maybe the staff should take a lesson.


@woadwarrior: Right, because who doesn't want religion shoved down their throat at a public school?

Sorry, but this is a huge pet peeve of mine.


@kmeltzer: I'm trying to decide by what you mean by more 'legit'

Do you mean factually accurate?

Or more of an important story?

If it's the former, then I'd say yes it is shameful that NBC edited a call to add racial implications.

If it's the latter, I'd say that any shooting death whether justified or not will never be more important than any story about editing a song for political correctness.


@gideonfrost: He asked if the story was "legit". Use the context he was asking that question in. Or, be like NBC and make up your own context, if you must.


@kmeltzer: I didn't ask if it was legit, I stated that it seemed to be. Sometimes Fox News seems to be a little on the WTF side. Thanks for your reply. :)


@jsimsace: Give me 5 examples of their "WTF side" that would make you believe that this story wouldn't have been legit. You eluded to the fact that since you saw it on Fox, it was possibly, somehow, a fake story. Would you have said the same about NBC, which just totally edited an audio tape to make it completely sounds like something it wasn't?


@kmeltzer: For 5 or more examples of Fox making stuff up, watch any episode of the Daily Show.


@samstag: So, you use a comedy show which does spoofs and makes things up for the sake of laughs as your sample of what Fox "makes up". Umm.. alrighty then.

How about you actually get 5, or more, examples because you actually found some reporting they did which they "made stuff up".


@gideonfrost: Should they also ban kids from paying for lunch with any money that says "In God We Trust"? No pledge in the morning? Heck, take the American flag down, because someone may not be from here originally.

Personally, I don't believe in God. But, I recognize I live in a country found on certain principals, and a higher power is one of them. I don't think it's shoving religion down anyone's throat, nor do I think it persuades anyone towards believing in any God (since the term God kind of covers all monotheistic religion's God).

It's the lyrics of a song. If the song, in its totality, isn't good enough for the school.. use a different song.


@kmeltzer: I think you must have meant "alluded" in your post. I only put that in my question because Fox sometimes throws out a "sensational" headline when the story that follows is less than "sensational". But back to the original question's intent....would it also be OK to sing "We love America, land that we love" instead of "God bless America, land that I love"?


it was a song that was on the pop charts. The god part should be irrelevant. Sing the damn song the way it was written... they have no problem allowing students to read books with the F-word in them in school, so is the word "god" really that much more offensive?


I'm an Agnostic. For those who don't know the difference -

Atheist: There is no god/higher power/deity/etc.
Religionist: There is a god/higher power/deity/etc.
Agnostic: I dunno - maybe there is, maybe there isn't.

What I'm finding amusing about this whole thing is that there's all this hoopla over "God bless the USA," and part of me is kind of wondering why there isn't equal fervor over the exclusion of girls/encouragement of lesbianism.

I mean, gosh, it's right there in the first stanza, yeah?

"If tomorrow all the things were gone,
I'd worked for all my life.
And I had to start again,
with just my children and my wife. "

How about the next stanza?

"And I'm proud to be an American,
where at least I know I'm free.
And I wont forget the men who died,
who gave that right to me."

What about the women? What sort of message is this sending to all the little girls?

TL;DR - You can ALWAYS find a reason to be offended, and sometimes PC can be taken a bit too far.


@kmeltzer: Five examples? There's plenty more than that, including every single broadcast or article from Dr. Keith Ablow as it relates to LGBT issues. That man is a hotbed of false and maliciously misleading information.

How about when Gregg Jarrett was showing images from a 2008 McCain rally and claiming that they represented the crowds showing up for Sarah Palin's book signing?

Maybe when they cropped a clip of Obama reading a question off a screen to make it seem like he was saying he wanted to institute universal healthcare like the European system?

What about when anchor E.D. Hill characterized the Obama's "fist bump" as "a terrorist fist jab"? And later claimed that was how it was being characterized in the media.

Perhaps when they claimed Obama's $3.6T budget was "4x bigger than Bush's costliest plan"?

Do you need more? Because I really can keep going...


@gizzynubalo: Ahhh... you're a Media Matters sheep.

Never mind. No possibility of discourse here. Move along.


@kmeltzer: Actually, today was the first time I'd been on their site. Since I know FOX continued to use Albow, even after his ongoing stream of ridiculousness regarding LGBTs was extensively documented and dissected, I was certain there had to be more - at least more beyond their various deceptions with regards to LGBTs in general (not limited to Albow's assorted commentaries).

Their distortions with regards to LGBTs is something I'm well familiar with - it's an ongoing, seemingly never ending issue.

Now, of course, you're free to dismiss me as one of those gay/lesbian sheep instead - but perhaps you should note that I am a 40 year old woman who has been happily married to her 41 year old husband for a decade.

What is evident, however, is that you will dismiss anything - from any source - which shows FOX for what it is. So you're right - no possibility of discourse here.