questionsdid you see that real twinkies are coming back?


Saw it yesterday...there might be more competition now though. I honestly never cared either way because they were never a must-have for me.


Hell yeah! hopefully the "snack cake union" stays far far away from this one.


@andrewhallze: Unions played a very large part in creating a vibrant middle class in this country. Their near-demise has not been a good thing.


It's too bad they're bringing back the Twinkies of last year and not the Twinkies of 20 years ago. Or maybe I've just lost the taste for them. But I swear they used to taste much better.

I actually like the Little Debbie Cloud Cakes more.


@omnichad: I too think they were better 20 (or even 30) years ago, but I still go on Twinkie binges. Once a year or so I get a driving urge for the darn things, buy a box, and eat them all for dinner. With a large glass of milk. I'm then set for the next year.


@magic cave: Agreed and disagree? Unions did do a great job at helping get our worker's rights - which we needed. They also became political parties, and greedy - which hurt our economy and our workers. Double edged sword. Great tool for negotiating, but often grow to be bad for everyone. But hey, whatcha gonna do?

I don't really care if a chemically laced snack cake comes back or doesn't. I don't understand the emotional connection people have to Hostess, though.


@magic cave: My guess is it happened during the run to get rid of trans fats. A lot of companies tweaked their recipes well, and others just jumped straight to palm oil. I'm not a fan of that stuff.

I'll admit trans fat really is terrible for you. A single food serving with 2 grams of trans fat will make me feel terrible for the rest of the day. And not even by placebo effect. I've gone back later to check a package later in the day just because I felt so bad.

My favorite potato chips of all time still have trans fat, so I still have to buy them now and then.


@thumperchick: I think that any emotional connection is one of those childhood memories, where a particular aroma/action/food takes us back to a really happy time. I don't have any emotional connection to Hostess products (or to Li'l Debbie, for that matter); I just like the taste of Twinkies.


Personally, I could eat Little Debbie's any time at all.


@thumperchick: I'm with you. the folks freaking out over twinkies baffled me.

as for unions, i would have said they are dead, but then my husband got a coveted union job in a factory putting car seats together. both my husband and i often disagree with the perks he gets, but, for now, they are perks that you simply get by being part of the union. and so we take them...for now.

on principle, because unions have become so politicized and corrupt, i'm anti union, but there are real reasons to hang onto them - if only they could be kept in check by the regular members - not possible at our location, at least...


Until Zingers return, Hostess will not be back.

"We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender."

--Winston Churchill, talking about snack cakes with frosting and cream filling.


@magic cave: I agree unions are a valuable addition to the working class, but we live in a day and age where theres an OSHA standard for everything and anything work related. I mean they played a crucial role in getting us where we are today but their greed usually far exceeds their usefulness.

A good example of this is the hefty union payout the taxpayers fronted to GM and Chrysler a while back.


@andrewhallze: I agree, that since the initiation of unions there have been strides in laws, including OSHA and Labor. The collective bargaining has been replaced by the statutes but the problem arises when one is forced to seek an attorney instead of going over to their union steward. It's a trade-off. The jobs are important. I'm glad that this company is resurging in a basically whole form under new ownership. Now I don't know what to do with all those Sara Lee cakes that have been showing up. After all, nobody doesn't like Sara Lee. :)


@magic cave: you know why the teamsters logo features two horses? they're some of few animals that can sleep while standing up.


Unions had their place, and now there is no need for them.. They are the reason for the Hostess scare in the first place..

Now without the union, they can start making more twinkies..Hip Hip.. HOORAY!


Still not kosher :/
I really hope they bring back all the Drake's Cakes. I miss my Ring Dings and Funny Bones


@devexityspace: Sure Twinkies are back but the employees will make less and with less benefits, all so the company heads can get all the money that they can.

Unions still have a place, but unfortunately they have been missing it. A CEO should not be making millions and have a golden parachute worth millions again when the guy working the line is lucky to be making $10/hr with no benefits. Unions should be standing up against that, but instead they sold themselves out for the perks as well, and occasionally throwing a bone to their members to justify themselves.


@wisenekt: The employees will make less because the company has had to shell out millions of dollars in dealing with the previous union..

People have this wild idea that CEO's owe it to their employees to give them the BEST benefits and the BEST pay in the whole world because they are making millions of dollars..

But no one cares when the sole proprietor goes 500k in debt and has to work 100hours+ a week to make ends meat while he pays off his loans/angel investors and hope to god that his business takes off and that he too can take those big bonuses that everyone always complains about.

What it really comes down to is this.. High Turnover = costs a business a fortune, so the wages/benefits need to meet the demand of the local community. ObamaCare is also a big piece of crap that is holding businesses from expanding/growing.



This really hits close to home because I am a new business owner and my debt will be a 250k loan, a 5-year commitment to my landlord (lease which is another 262,500 in debt), and my 5-year commitment to TimeWarner RoadRunner (which is another 21,000 in debt)..

So I am already $533,000 in debt and I don't even know if my new niche will grow the way I expect it to. If it doesn't work out, I get to deal with a lot of bad shit.

If it does work out, and I do expand/grow my business into a multi-million dollar company, then I will take my lavish vacations as a job well done with huge bonuses..

Doesn't change the fact that I do want to give my employees competitive wages/benefits.. But I hate it when people always view the CEO's as Evil & Greedy.

If you want to make it big, you have to risk big


@devexityspace: There is a difference between a small business owner that makes good and a business that has been around for awhile and the guy at the top is making millions because he can. The companies that people get rallied up about are the companies that the original owner is long gone and it is just the corporate types using the struggles of the small business to justify why they get paid so much. They are the silver spooned elite who have never risked anything in their life who run a company into the ground and still get millions in severance when the board finally decided to get rid of them.

Please don't confuse the two. Hostess was not some small mom and pop small business by any stretch of the imagination.


@devexityspace: big ups, but i hope you're protected by a corporation shield rather than just a sole proprietorship :)


It sometimes seems to me like the concept of unions is revered but the actions of unions has strayed from the original purpose, or the appeal of their evolution has outgrown its intentions. Sort of like the plant in "Little Shop of Horrors".