questionsare you signed up for republic wireless' beta…


I have it now the LG Optimus is painfully slow. Texts are unreliable sometimes they don't send. The last few characters of txt are cut off. MMS is not supported. Calls do not hand off from wifi to cell when you leave your house. The camera is blury. I loose incoming voice after 20sec on call when on wifi at home. Maps crashes the phone all the time. No fixes since Jan-Feb
The good side of things. Calls over Sprint are good and yeah its $19/mo unlimited data flows (but the phone is slow to process).
It was far too much of a pain for my wife so I got her another phone (iphone 4s Virgin). Upgrading to the newer phone may fix some of these problems but I am undecided on if I want to gamble more money on this company who has fallen short of all expectations.


@rallyrob: Thanks for the info! I am not a phone person, so it's hard for me to guess how many of your problems are related to the Optimus not being a very good phone, and how many with the service itself. Would you say 50% phone, 50% service?

What I have right now is a tracphone so I am not used to a lot of the bells and whistles used every day by most folks. I have never sent a text or viewed the web on my phone. I use it for voice only. I'd like to access the web, still not really interested in texting. I'd also like to have an android phone so I can use some apps I have seen that seem useful, like the car locator and the GPS. Are you able to use features like this through Republic without too much trouble?


I signed up for the Beta, but I also recently bought a Tracfone with a year+ of service. I may get the Republic Beta phone for my son. They are offering a Motorola Defy XT phone rather than the Optimus this time -- the $249 price seems a bit high to me. You should add $10/month to the $19/month service to compare with a typical free phone on a 2-year contract.


No. It caught my attention but they don't service my area. :(