questionsit's the last day of no-shave november, can we…


They call me Redbeard! Argggghhh matey!


It's like it couldn't even decide what color to be. It is all over the place and I'm losing what little street cred I had.

It will be gone tomorrow.

All told.


My no shave November beard started 2 years ago, haven't seen clean face since then......
Although I have a semi-professional job so it's groomed regularly now, and I have no pics from that initial month.


@spikedknight: I'm with you. The last time I had a clean face was during the Clinton years.


2005 was the last time my face has seen a razor. Beards are back.


I wish I could have a beard in my job.


@jumbowoot: Pics or it didn't happen.

@coolphilip04: You get some serious respect for being the only one to actually put up a picture of your mug.
...not really sure what respect from deals.woot is worth these days.. but you got it.

I get patchy at first.. it grows in thicker in some places way faster, so at the beginning I have the natural Joe Dirt thing going on if I don't trim heh


Movember is a yearly reminder that I still can't grow a proper mustache.


@drchops: Respect is worth 82 persnicks and 4 cross-planetary passes.

I didn't go razor to the skin at the beginning of this month but I was about as clean-shaven as I get. (Basically I use hair clippers on my face without any attachments, so there's maybe a day or two day's growth)

This is the "flared out" version of the beard with reverse brushology going on here. I can tame it down to a respectable beard if I don't want people to fear the beard.

I wish my beard and mustache were not separate entities, though.


@coolphilip04: Nice beard! I have a friend who also grows a distinctly red beard, but he has brown hair. I guess it makes it easier to decide how long your side burns should be when you're clean shaven...or maybe it makes it harder to have chops?


@publicart: Yeah, chops look kind of dumb on me. There's a separation near my hairline and my beard/sideburn-line where it thins a lot more than normal.


I will be posting my pic tomorrow. My full beard isn't super full but I have wicked long chops. I also have a red beard even though my hair is not that color.

Edit: I also haven't shaved my head so that is getting pretty long to. My wife is about to throw this scraggly bum to the curb ^_^


I'm actually eagerly waiting for "Don't Shave December".
But "Just Stop Shaving January" is where it's at!

Serious note: I did not take part in No-Shave November. :(


It was going well but I had to shave because work. I have never enjoyed facial hair, but after doing this I found I messed it and thought I looked better with it. Hopefully I will be allowed facial hair at my next job.


how come i never hear of these things until they're over!!!
novembeard, the "strike beard" during the writer's strike..


i can grow a stache and hair on my head, but no beard! i always get one random hair on my chin that doesnt even grow that long... i have no need to shave there, so technically i participated but i have no beard to show :'''(


@coolphilip04: can you imagine if i'd let it go another 30 days?


@pinchecat: I can't imagine that... I really can't.


@pinchecat: Kinda looks like two wooden clogs heel to heel.


@drchops: i'd put up a pic but ... it wouldn't be pretty enough! haha LOL

seriously though, no match against @coolphillip04. he's the winner!


@coolphilip04: I looked at that pic a few times...something about it just seemed off but I couldn't figure out what the hell it was heh - wasn't until I read a comment up there that I realized your beard was red and your hair...wasn't. lol


@drchops: Hahahha yeah, it's a throwback to my Scottish roots!


@coolphilip04: looks like you left chops lol

@segafanalways: i can view it! and i'm not logged into fb or anything.
that's pretty good for one month :) congrats

do you guys do mustache march too?


@segafanalways: Shnicely done. Great beard. You have low privacy settings on Facebook? Mine are super high so I just copy image url which refers to the actual location on the database instead of on my profile.


@pinchecat: Nicely done! Where's my privacy hole?


@coolphilip04: the number beginning with 111 in the URL for FB pictures is your user id, so you're always better off saving the pic offline then uploading to or another sharing site where you have delete authority.

as for the FB privacy settings, i'm no expert there so i'm not sure which ones you'd need to alter. i was able to see your wall (going back for a couple of months), and 2 or 3 albums (photography mostly). looks like your wall security is good, but double-check your album settings. [edit: removed comment about wife...i think that was the other guy not you]

no, not a nutcase, but when someone proclaims to have tight privacy settings publicly (especially that site), i always see it as a challenge! :D


@pinchecat: Fixed my photo privacy. Should be good now. They all defaulted back to what they were when I originally uploaded them. Thanks.

I don't mind people being able to see who I am, but Facebook album privacy annoys me. I had to go change every single album individually.