questionswhere can i get a good cheap telephoto zoom nikon…


Or even a 2x Teleconverter? Are those worth it?


Teleconverters suck. Don't bother with getting a cheap telephoto. Get a midrange. Cheap ones are going to give you a lot of chromatic aberration and won't have as good autofocus and other such stuff.

As far as a 650-1300mm I have to ask: What the heck are you taking pictures of?

An 80-400mm is about the best affordable zoom lens but it only opens to f4.5.

The best way to get a good fstop is to reduce the range you are looking at. Get a 200-400 or a something of those lines. Do a lot of research before you are stuck with a bad lens.


Thanks Much!!! I will save up a little more for a 200-400mm Looks like I can get one for about $500


@coolphilip04: Humm I found an intresting deal.
Not quite sure what kind of lens it is but looks similar in size to a 200-400
Sent the seller an Email wish me luck.


@drigout: It looks like an older Nikon lens which might not have AF and VR which you want on a Zoom lens. It looks like an early 90's Nikkor lens.