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You will need to know the power consumption on your device in all modes before you can tell how long your back up power supply will last.

Battery capacity / device consumption = time

Don'f forget to convert your units.


Can you guide me through figuring that out? let's assume, for example, that I have an HP 1702 monitor. Where do I find the units of capacity and consumption? Same for my laptop. I'm confused! Sorry.


@sirlouie: It is listed in your manual under specs. Or you can go to the manufacturer's website and look it up there. Here is the spec sheet for an HP 1702 monitor -

Nominal Current 1.5 A maximum
Typical Power Consumption: 8.5 watts
Maximum < 40 watts
Power Saving < 2 watts


Okay, thank you very much. Now how do I make sense of those numbers (1.5A max, 8.5 watts / max 40 watts for the monitor, along with the battery's numbers of 22 Amp Hours (do I divide that by the 1.5A? Is that per hour?) and 400 watts? Does it seem then that I could run it for at least 10 hours? Because 400 watts / 40 watts = 10, and 22 / 1.5 = 14 ... which is right?

I appreciate your help so far. Feel free to stop if I get too annoying.