questionswhere's the best place to get maternity clothes?


if you wanna buy try resale stores. truely friends are a better source- someone probably knows how to sew and can take-in/let-out clothes.

try they list the not for profits in most areas. if you find one nearby ask the employees, they can usually give you a list of others in the area.

also a lot of churches have a basement full of donations they keep around for people in need. be prepared to make a donation.


My wife is tall and found that Target was the best place to get stuff on the cheap in the stores and Old Navy for online. We donated her maternity stuff afterwards to local Goodwill stores, so there's always that too.


OOOHhh... goodwill... hadn't even thought about that!


I got a bunch of things from Motherhood Maternity. Their normal prices are high, but sale/clearance are ok. I did not want to buy a bunch of things I only needed to wear for a few months either, so durability is important. I also liked that the staff helped me put together outfits that coordinate.

Check Amazon as they have a bunch of MM stuff on sale- stop by a store to get your correct size then buy online.

Target is a good place to check. Walmart has cheap things, but it does not hold up imo. Resale shops might have something, but the cost may not be so great compared to new & not stretched out.

One thing I got this time was the belly bands & fasteners for jeans that allow you have them open some, but covered. It depends on how you carry, but I have been able to stay in my normal jeans/pants this way for long while.

Another trick is to get the shirt.woot randoms. I just get a mens size and afterwards, they can be sleep shirts or for hubby.


There is a JC Penney Outlet Store were I live. Their stuff is cheap, and good quality. My wife got most of her stuff there.


I just heard about a new website that rents maternity clothing: They carry some of the top designers, like Seraphine, Maternal America, Olian, and lots more, and you can rent on a monthly basis, as much or as little as you want. Can't wait to try this out when I need it!


I suggest buying your maternity, nursing and even baby clothes from It's A Miracle Maternity ( I just found it a few days ago and was impressed by the prices and brands not to mention they support maternal health charities. The only issue is that for most styles, there is only one size since they are resale & consignment- but they have a wide range of stuff that's affordable...especially if you are looking for designer labels. The thing I also like is that I can sell my maternity & baby clothes to them when I'm done with babies so I can make some cash. Hope this info helps!


That's a hard question to answer without knowing you or your needs/wants. Not everyplace carries plus sizes, some are too expensive, others need things for work.

I would recommend checking out the maternity store locator on Everything Maternal There you can browse the options that you have in your town.

Some examples of the stores that you will find on the maternity clothes locator at Everything Maternal are:
-Consignment stores are a great option for those on a budget.
-Motherhood has a great selection for plus sizes.
-Forever 21 is the best bet for someone looking for trendy, young maternity clothing.
-A Pea in a Pod is a great option for professional maternity wear.


I also think Amazon is a pretty good start. I found a site that sells only maternity dresses. They actually sell them through Amazon but it is just so much easier to browse through this site:


The great thing about maternity these days is, most of the stuff is transitional meaning it's meant to be worn during your pregnancy and after and a lot of the clothes even incorporate nursing options. So, you don't have to feel bad about buying something that you would only wear for a few months. Love Haute Mommies and Bella Babies for Maternity and Baby :)!


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