questionswould you help people broken down on the side of…


depends on what they looked like, what time it was, where we were, and who was with me in my car. I like to help people, but I'm also not naive.


I've done it before and I'll do it again.


If by help you mean speed past them, then yes!


....annnnd I got one! It only took 9 minutes!


I've stopped and helped lots of times and will continue to do so. During a major snowstorm I helped transport about a dozen folks to their homes when their cars couldn't navigaate the roads. I've never felt unsafe when helping out, possibly because I always carry a firearm.


I have never done it before, but I think I'd be more inclined to help the elderly if the situation presented itself. Probably only other exception would be a car filled with kids.

Everyone else, I'd be slightly suspicious of -- especially teenagers.


Yes. And will continue to do so. Sometimes it just requires giving them a lift to the next exit or gas station. Sometimes it requires a return trip or a little hands on work.


I would, but there's very little I could do to fix their problem other than calling someone. But since everyone has a cell phone nowadays, I'm virtually worthless in times of car distress.


It depends on the situation. I figure most people are good and just need a hand, but I may not be of much use except to taxi them to an auto-body place. If we're in the boonies I'd be more inclined to stop as cell reception isn't so great in some places. But if it's a major highway where I know there'll be a cruiser coming along soon I normally don't stop.


Half of all horror movies begin with picking up someone on the side of the road. The other half begins with someone getting revenge for not being picked up on the side of the road.


I've always stopped to help no matter what people look like EXCEPT if my daughter is in the car. I've lost count of the number of people I've helped, I even towed a stuck pickup truck out of a ditch in the snow with my Geo Metro. He was kind of embarrassed.


Yes Ive always stopped to help ever since I 1st started driving 40 yrs ago @ 16. Especially if it's a family or elderly or women. Sometimes will change a flat tire or hejp push the car off the road or just give them a lift.
In recent years I pay the price afterwards in the form of increased chronic back pain due to a failed back surgery years ago, but it's still worth it.


No. I'm a woman and currently pregnant. There have been some recent rear-end carjacking/muggings in the next county over, so I could easily see people using the motorist in distress ploy to pull these same sort of crimes. Better to be safe, and I can pull over somewhere safe (away from the disabled car) to call the police non-emergency number if I'm worried about them getting help.

I wish I could answer differently, but there's really no way to tell if someone actually needs help, or is a psycho wanting to prey on good samaritans.


Always used to - lived in a different part of the country and in somewhat kinder and gentler times. Now, a really elderly person - yes. Most times - no. I would, however, roll down the window a tad and offer to call for help for them.


Depends. I'm a small girl so I've gotta assess the situation (and there's not much I'd actually be able to help with). I have stopped before when I saw a single-car accident happen so I could call for help if needed. Luckily, it wasn't.


Born in Texas and raised by a Southern Belle. The answer to this question is: "Without hesitation." It is just the right thing to do.