questionswhat is your favorite non-traditional sushi roll?


i'm a fan of this one (Captain Crunch roll):
Real crab, cucumber, avocado & tobiko rolled in tempura crumbs


Sushi is just another name for "bait".


Being allergic to seafood (as far as I am aware), I've never been able to try anything apart from cucumber and vegetable rolls. It's kinda depressing, really.

However, a restaurant opened nearby that sells bubble tea, savory crepes, and a number of different non-seafood sushi rolls. Needless to say, a few of those have quickly become favorites.

Kudos edit: You actually managed to remind me to look into an appointment with an allergist. Hopefully, the answer is no.


I can relate to you that my favorite sushi aside some salmon and white tuna sashimi is what I've heard called here as "Sushicado". Just salmon and avocado rolled in rice. It's my favorite and I love the simplicity. I also hate the cooked fish kind or anything with cream wrong!


My wife is Japanese, and she loves the non-traditional rolls, which really surprised me.
The Las Vegas is tasty, and so is the Godzilla. I love how they call it "tempura sushi" to make it sound legit to deep fry the whole thing!


I love Rainbow rolls. It's got multiple types of fish and some avocado on top of a California roll.


Call me a snob if you like, but my favorite sushi place serves a seared yellowtail maki w/ black truffle on top. That's my favorite non-traditional roll.


I'm pretty sure "Philadelphia Roll" is considered non-traditional...


Not all rolls with the same name are actually the same across shops.

We have a Luck Luck roll locally:

Shrimp tempura wrapped in rice and Nori topped with raw tuna and avacado with Eel sauce and spicy mayo drizzled on top with a dash of roe.

I developed an allergy to shell fish 2 years ago, so I can't eat it any more :(


I can't remember where I saw it and I never ate it myself but I was intrigued by a sushi roll filled with scallions and BBQ pulled pork inside the rice and seaweed wrapper. It looked freaking delicious.

I think it was called redneck sushi.


I'm a fan of any roll with green chile in it. We have the Amigo Roll--tuna, salmon, red snapper, crab and roasted green chile. Delicious.


My sister's favorite is a Mango roll, it looked gross to me. I think it was a California roll with mango thinly sliced on top. Definitely interesting.

My favorite non-traditional roll is a Hope roll, which is rice, cream cheese, krab, rice paper, rolled in toasted coconut flakes - it's more of a dessert roll though. On the opposite end, I love a spicy tuna maki roll.


Idaho roll. The center of the roll is sweet potato, and it's been amazingly important for me as I'm another non-fish person, yet everyone else I know loves to go for sushi. I wind up eating it pretty often as a result.


@coconutextreme: I've been wondering what "real sushi" is. But, my wife (who is from Japan) and all of her Japanese friends put all sorts of things in their sushi, usually including cream cheese, which they love! They also really like cooked fish in it too.