questionswhen to vote?


I'm rather amazed that you didn't find a question that answers this, but it's true, there've been a LOT of questions. Here it is in a nutshell. Vote up Deals (and Questions) if you think they're good. We tend to have different reasons for voting things up, but just voting for stuff you're actually buying will make this a pretty dull site.

Try not to join in the silliness of voting up things that no one is going to buy (like million dollar islands), and remeber that comments need voting on too. If someone says something you find useful, or funny, give them a vote. This helps to improve their reputation.

It's probably time that this was revisited, so I'm glad you asked. I'll go off and try and find the useful questions that are about voting, and post them here, for you, and for others. @sgoman5674 has a great one, and that's the first one I'll look for.


Yeah, I didn't look through ALL the threads about voting, just a few. :)

Much appreciated, Shrdlu!