questionscan anyone help me find a deal on a wii consoleā€¦


craigslist that ish! I found a Wii with 12 games + like every attachment know to man for like $130

vote-for3vote-against ($59.99 from Best Buy)

Pre-owned, but there is a 30-Day return window if you are unhappy and they pay return shipping, no permission to return needed. Check condition (5 and up is usually quite good) and missing/included items. The peripherals can be found cheap on Amazon and eBay.


I also recommend checking your local craigslist, people are likely unloading lots of Wii consoles through there - especially if you want a regular Wii.

I would suggest, however, looking at the Wii U console as well. It will play all the Wii software and support more new titles as they come out. Software developers are slowly but surely transitioning from making both Wii and Wii U titles to making only Wii U titles.