questionswhat are your favorite things to collect?


These past few years, I've been collecting Woot shirts.

And that's all coming to an end ... :(


Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things

Actually, I try not to collect things. I have a fear that I might have a recessive gene for hoarding.

And @narfcake: I'm really sorry that Woot! screwed up their shirts. I'll miss them too. I think I'll try for one more round of random shirts and that will be all. Too bad.


I collect. Video games. No the garbage that comes out these days but the classics (NES, Atari, SNES, Sega DC, Sega Genesis, and the likes). My wife tells me all the time that she is going to sell my collection the next time I am out of town, but I told her she would also have to sell my guns. ;)


Books. I have more books than anything else, even shoes and purses combined. I enjoy reading, and occasionally re-reading one I haven't picked up in ages is something like bumping into an old friend.

As my son (also a reader) gets a little older, he'll be in the age-appropriate range for more and more of the "collection", continuing its usefulness. With #2 on the way we hope to continue this until my husband and I are nearly senile and dusting off old books for grand kids who look at them the way my son would a rotary phone (if we could find one).

My in-laws collect mustache cups. No, not ones with painted mustaches, but teacups with a little platform to keep the drinker's mustache dry.


woot monkeys, woot shirts(but haven't really bought any since my first Anvil has a huge neck hole and I don't really like the fit), and books


Hugs from my kids. I'm a hoarder when it comes to those. :)


Have you ever thought about collecting tobacco tags? I swear I detest smoking but these things are cool. They're small and easy to store or display. Born and raised in a city with 2 cigarette names, tobacco items are very collectible. I don't personally collect tags but I have picked up a few locally and on eBay with things displayed on them, like my last name. Tobacco boxes are cool too, collecting wooden boxes are more my thing.

Here's a quick link I grabbed about tags:


I've been collecting Zippo lighters for a while now. Similar to what @missellienc just said, I don't smoke but they're easy to collect. You can spend as much or as little as you like, and there is wide variety of them.

I want to start collecting pocket knives, but haven't looked into them enough yet. I guess I can add that to list of stuff I want to collect like antique cameras, cars, etc.


I have been collecting baseball cards since I was seven. That was a loooooooooong time ago....


I used to collect lots of things from Hummels to Swarvoski to books and on and on. I am at the place in life where I really need to get rid of soooo many things - and it is hard at first, believe me. However, nobody wants the china, silver, old books, and so forth, and so I am trying to find places where these items will be needed and appreciated. So many of the folks in my age group plus/minus ten years or so are facing the very same issues. The thrift shops in my areas are absolutely clogged with all sorts of "collections" that once meant a great deal to the owner. I found it depressing as a volunteer.


I collect shotglasses. From places I go, events I attend, etc. I prefer to "break them in" before cleaning and displaying! Also, family and friends help me out when they find cool ones they think I'd enjoy.


Texas air conveniently packaged in these little pillow shaped bags.


Teacups and saucers. No joke. Don't have many (only three), but I adore them. They're so dainty, and reminiscent of an earlier era, and just beautiful. I prefer the real ones, not modern ones made to look old...thus the limited number of my collection thus far. Plus, I don't have a lot of space for them, so I really have limited myself to not get too many!


I used to collect shot glasses and old Lucky Strike signs/magazine ads from the 1920s...all gone now (fire). :(

The only thing I'm collecting these days is dust. :)


I like antiques and Americana. I have things this old books, cameras, bottles, furniture, coins, tins. If it's old, interesting and has a sense of history, I may get it.


I collect musical instruments. As a grad student I haven't been able to pick up very many, but as soon as I win the lottery and/or suddenly become a famous movie/sports/pop star I plan on filling my 15th century English manor house with hundreds of them to play whenever I want. sigh


i collect nerf guns, i dont know if i would recommend it, they take up quite a bit of room and very few guns have ever gone up in value, and the most lucrative are maybe 20 yrs old and worth about $200 new in box. most stay pretty stagnant in value but i still enjoy playing with them and seeing how they have changed over the years

I have 75 or so woot shirts, but have slowed WAAAAAAy down recently ( pretty much stopped ) collecting them, for several reasons

I like to be able to do something with my collection, i am considering beginning to collect Stuffed/ plush video game characters, which i imagine could be used to create cool stop-motion videos for fun

i dont like my collections to be something to just look at


Used to collect hand blown art glass wine glasses until a large earthquake.
Now I'd have to say bills.


Insects. Yay for entomologists. :)


I collect antique radios and phonographs (wind-ups). The neatest thing about 'gramophones' is that they can play music through purely mechanical means, no electricity required to make beautiful sound! I have units that can play Edison cylinders and Edison Diamond Disks (1/4-inch thick!), as well as Victrola's that play more standard 78's.


Things collected in our house between me and my SO: Hess trucks, comic books, baseball cards, Playboy magazines (sealed in covers like the comic books, collection was started by one of our grandfathers), books (over 800), Fiestaware, Longaberger baskets and all things Winnie the Pooh. I know...I know.


As I get older(er) I also worry about that hoarder gene. It amused me when my grandfather had it, I didn't like it when my mother had it, and now there's me ...
I've gotten rid of most of my Marantz pieces, except for one working setup- AM/FM/Amp, cassette, and turntable.
I've gotten rid of most all my musical instruments but I'm still holding on to my original Conn 90g Trombonium (#23!)
I still have some old 120 film cameras, tho I've sold almost all the Russian and German sections.
I've kept some old Macs PCs, thru inertia, Linux and hope.
Every time we moved some stuff stayed in storage. As I'm trying to clear that out I found a dozen (or more) crappy toolboxes, and tools, and parts of cars I haven't seen in decades. But someday ...
And I'm old. A lot of friends and relatives have died, and I get to store some of their crap for an eventual dissolution by the other friends and family. After I've moved it for five or ten years, tho sometimes a box just gets left outside ...