questionshow many hours of sleep are ideal for you?


I'd like to get about eight, but I go between five and 14 (yikes!) depending on the day.


Ideally? 8. But iI work in public accounting so realistically 4.


@nedreck: Very interesting. You became a member on Aug. 21, 2013. The question you reference is dated Jan. 15, 2013. Could this nickname be a sock puppet? Nah...that couldn't be, could it? <---rhetorical ?

Or, do you do diligent searches to find questions that support your inferences? An aside: If you got "a few" (hours) reading the question you cited, you're a really, really slow reader.

Answer to this question: 8 hours or more.


8 is ideal.
Currently I run on 5-6 hours and I'm fueled by black coffee and rage.


About 7-7.5. That's just how my sleep cycles work out.


about 6, I wake up around 5am normally


7-8 for me. Noticed that lately I just naturally wake up after 7 and some change.


@wilcononomous: me to, kind of 5-5-5-6-5-10-10 once I past my i need coffee, I think I could sleep all day.


Wow. I'm kinda concerned now. i don't think I get more than 4 or 5 hours a night. I go to bed anywhere between 12 and 1. Don't fall asleep until 1 or 1:30 and I get up at 5:30 or 6.
Soooo.. Best night sleep for me would be 6 - 6 1/2 hours? I never, ever get that.


@triplebud: That could actually be a problem. There are a few people who can handle that but for most people, that little sleep is unhealthy. Unless you take a long nap every day.


@thepenrod: The sleep pattern that @triplebud has is my normal sleep pattern. If he's waking up every morning to an alarm, then he's probably not getting enough sleep, but if he goes to bed at midnight, and wakes up naturally at four or five AM, he's just in the category of people who don't need a lot of sleep.

I have always needed very little sleep, even when I was small. My mother finally let me have a small light so that I could quietly read, and not disturb others, in the middle of the night. In the summer, I go to bed around 10 or 11 at night because I wake up with the sunrise. In the winter, I try to stay up as late as possible, because the sun is lazy, and doesn't wake up until late. Stupid sun.

Nearly forgot (wine dot woot is distracting me, dammit). I sleep about four hours. Never more than five. I need the four hours, though, or else I feel tired, and sleepy.


Seven hours is optimal for me to feel refreshed and replenished. Less and I am still tired, more and I am headachy and lethargic. I generally only sleep more than that when taking sleep-inducing meds. Unfortunately, I don't get 7 hours very often, and I do not nap. Like @triplebud, I get to bed between 11 and midnight, generally have some trouble going to sleep and wake frequently, sometimes for as long as an hour. Last night I went to bed at 11:15, could not get to sleep until after 12:30, woke several times during the night, and was up at 3 and 5:30 to use the bathroom, didn't get back to sleep the second time before the alarm went off at 6. So I got maybe 4 hours and I have an 11 hour work day today. I have never been very good at sleeping. I am jealous of people who put their head on the pillow, sleep eight hours and wake reluctantly. My brain hates sleeping, it is always ready to jump to full alertness at any internal or external stimulus.


I aim for 6 and usually get about 4-5. Most of the time I just can't stay asleep in the morning.


@shrdlu: its funny you say that. I wake up before my alarm every day but wait for it to go off. I know it's weird... I also can't sleep when it's light outside but will occasionally fall asleep in weird places at random times once or twice a month.
Example: I was folding clothes and decided to lie down on the floor because I was hunched over for a while. I wanted to keep my back straight for a few minutes. Completely passed out next to the laundry basket for about two hours.
However if I TRIED to fall asleep at that same time, in the bed, my mind would know it was light outside and I'd never fall asleep.

After reading everyone else here I'm also wondering if such little sleep could cause health issues. Maybe i need to take sleeping pills or something.
I took melatonin?(SP?) All that did was make me fall asleep sooner and when I woke up I felt as though I never dreamed. Like I was awake but sleeping all night. You know what I mean? I didn't like that so i stopped asap.


@triplebud: Unless you feel tired/sleepy every day, don't worry about it. I've been known to take cat naps after something physically exhausting, but that usually means that I'll sleep less at night.

I was part of a sleep study in my youth (they were looking for abnormal sleep patterns), and the researcher was astonished to see that I woke up each and every time after sleeping for four hours and fifteen minutes. My relatives all have normal sleep patterns, but my father (who died when I was a baby) did not. He was said to be quick to startle awake, and didn't seem to need a lot of sleep. I fall asleep easily, and sleep soundly.

I can also sleep anywhere, and often used to sleep on a flight to avoid chatty neighbors (besides, I used the official sleeping time later to do things that were more interesting).

Really, you sound fine. Don't worry about it.


what's sleep?

i kid, i kid. 8-9 hours is ideal for me, but i rarely get that much. at most i get 6 hours of sleep a night and i'm basically useless for the first 2 hours of work. i need to fix this.


If movies have taught us nothing...get sleep deprived and get super powers, alter ego that will work when I think I am asleep, or an anarchist army.
Problem is I get enough sleep to stay sane. : (


@gmwhit: Good catch! I thought I remembered reading about someone with multiple accounts and this is indeed one of the profiles. Things like this amuse me.

As for the real question, I sleep about 6 hours a night. I also need to work on this.


@shrdlu: No I don't feel tired every day. Just like everyone else I have my days. I think I just have the same sleep pattern as you. It is still a little weird.
You said your dad could wake at the drop of a pin. I'm the same way but only if the sound (or whatever) is something I should wake up to.
I'll wake up to a fight going on outside between our cat and another. I'll wake up if I hear my daughter in the middle of the night. I woke up when the dog was getting sick downstairs out of earshot. How did I even know?
Yet the neighbor could run his car into the front of his house and I'd sleep like a baby.
I'm pretty positive the past 4 nights I've had exactly 4 & 1/2 hours of sleep each night and I've been waking up ready to take on the day with no issues.

Now that you were talking about your past I'm trying to think back. As far as i can remember I've always needed to burn off more and sleep less.


I think 7 hours is best for sleeping for all peoples................


Need more than 4. 7 ideal. Can do long periods on 5-6 OK. Need more when stressed or ill.


Well, I am a human so 8 hours.

Source: Science bitches.


Went months without having to wake up to an alarm clock. I naturally got up after 7.5hrs. But I can do 5.5-6hrs without feeling dead the whole day.


Six but would love 2 more hours.