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I don't mark mine free shipping. I just expect that people with Prime are going to see it's from Amazon and assume free shipping.


Prime shipping equaling free shipping is a point of contention among many in the deals.woot community. For me, free shipping means free shipping and that you don't need to do anything else to get it. Prime is not free. Yes there are free trials but it is not a free service and to get FSSS you need to spend $25.

Would you consider Thinkgeek as having free shipping when they offer free shipping on orders over $60?

Gatzby's answer


Prime is not free. That's my take.


If it's prime eligible and is over $25, then you can say free shipping (since if you don't have prime, it would qualify for FSSS)


I consider "free shipping" as shipping that is Free for everybody in the continental US. (Sorry, AK, PR, and HI.) Since we all don't have Prime, I'd say it isn't free shipping, just put Prime Eligable in the title or the description for the folks who have Prime.


Not free shipping for mr, so it's not free shopping!


Totally agree w/@theoneill555 and others. It's not free if I have to pay a fee to join a group (Prime), amass a $25 (or any other amount) total order, buy more than 1 of said item, etc. Just like a BOGO is not free.

The "Free Shipping" box should only be checked if you don't have to jump through any other hoops to get it free.


Agreed. If you have to pay a membership fee for the "free shipping" - it shouldn't be tagged as free shipping. Just note that it's Prime eligible in the body of the deal. That way no one gets bummed out.


Just get Prime to get the video streaming and you can consider your shipping free! ;)


I agree with others who have said that Amazon Prime is not really free shipping. It's free if you have a subscription. But for most people it's not free to have that subscription, and, therefore, the shipping is not free.

When I post Amazon deals under $25 I always mention if the shipping is free with Prime and a $25 order in the deal but do not check the "free shipping" box.


The unofficial faq sheet once stated Prime wasn't free shipping, but I haven't seen it lately.


@mtm2: From the still Unofficial Deals.woot Rules & FAQs:

Under "Other Stuff":

"Free shipping is only free shipping if it is to your house with no charge. If you need amazon prime, or another subscription to get free shipping, or if it is only free shipping to the store, note it in your deal, but do not check the free shipping option."

FWIW, since the FAQs have been unofficial for over 8 months. ;-)


Amazon offers free super-saver shipping on many items if the order totals over $25. If individual item is over $25 and notes super-saver shipping, I think that qualifies as "free shipping."

I've noticed that if I'm logged into amazon and an item ships for free with Prime, I don't see whether it would also ship for free with super-saver shipping.


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Free shipping == free as in beer, not as in speech

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I put it in the description if it is Prime eligible but not in the title or mark it as free shipping.


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I'm a total Prime junkie - Amazon gets my bucks on sooo soooo sooooo many things I don't need because I have Prime. While it is free for me, I know that I paid $40 for my Prime and that ain't much as I try to convince myself otherwise.

Seriously though, FREE shipping is when it's free no matter what you do.

If the item is over $25 and on Amazon, sold directly by Amazon, you can feel free to post the free shipping. Otherwise, don't click the "free shipping" and just note that it's "Prime-able" in the post :)


Amazon Prime and their credit card, with orders I chose 2 day shipping plus weekends ok. They shipped from their building 8 hours South of me. they now say it will be a week, it is sitting in a warehouse 20 minutes from me.