questionsdid you know that you can return an amazon ebook…


some ebooks should be returned from all the typos that there are.. It's a bit ridiculous how many typos main-stream books have.


Thanks for the info. I was not aware of that.


@devexityspace: My son has been converting some print editions of our family genealogy to PDF files. He commented today how annoying the conversion errors are and how he's had to go through each of them to correct errors.

I hadn't given this any thought till he mentioned it, since one of my major peeves is the lack of editing in so many ebooks (especially those that are self-published on a shoe-string budget), and I'm now wondering if at least some of the problem in mainstream books converted to ebooks isn't the result of the conversion software coupled with a lack of post-conversion editing.

Regardless, it's still a major annoyance and pretty much spoils the pleasure of some otherwise good books.


@magic cave: Not the same thing. My guess is your son is converting by scanning the text and using a character recognition program to convert the words on the page to digital text. The publishers already have the books in the digital format so the errors weren't caught to begin with.


Very handy if you just need one chapter of a texbook for a class.


Thankfully it looks like Amazon has policies in place to dissuade serial returners.

I returned a book once--it didn't have the forward promised in the description, and that's really all I wanted. It was a pretty easy process.


@first2summit: They do often have the layout files, but quite often they don't use those when generating the ebooks. You'd think they'd just dump the text and run, but isn't the case. I've seen tons of OCR errors, and errors that existed in predigital prints, that were fixed in later editions (after they went to digital page layout for print books).

I've returned a few books, and was always an easy process. One ebook, was about the history of the english language, and the print version would have scans of historical documents, to show you the style of the writing, the wording, shape of the letters, etc, but in the ebook every image was replaced with a text about the image being removed for copyright reasons (never mind that the newest excerpt included was like 500 years old, and definitely not under copyright). Because of the images being removed, the book was useless. I mean, you'd have multiple paragraphs referring to things in the image, that you'd not be able to see.