questionsshould the government choose what light bulbs we…


Of course. Television is running its course and they need a new way to send out all that top-secret mind-control radiation on a mass scale to bend us all to their will.

Now excuse me. I have some more tinfoil hats to make.


The free market works great for most goods and services when everyone acts rationally (in an economic sense). The problem is that in reality, people don't. People are willing to consider long-term and future costs on large purchases like a car (finance costs, maintenance, insurance, mileage), but not on a small purchase like a lightbulb. For small purchases, most people will just consider the up-front cost. Even beyond the monetary costs, there's the social costs of emissions from electricity production. You can extol the virtues of energy-efficient lighting until you're blue in the face, but consumers will still just say "But the incandescents are cheaper."

Also, consumers don't want to buy the efficient lighting until costs drop, but costs won't drop until people start buying them in large quantities. The other solution to this would be subsidies, but then you get into "corporate handout" issues and issues about subsidizing production that might be done overseas.


This is just another way "BIG BROTHER" is intruding and forcing its way into every facet of your life! Next thing you know they will be dictating what you must eat or not eat, what kind of clothes you must wear, how many kids you will be allowed to have, and the list goes on and on. Does the government think all of us are too stupid so they must make all of our decisions for us? When will we finally realize that our rights and freedoms in America are being threatend?