questionsdoes anyone have or use a google chromebook?


I recently purchased a Chromebook (within the last 2 months) and I absolutely love it! I have a desktop at work, and really only use my laptop at home for browsing the web, online shopping and watching TV shows. The Chromebook is great for minimalists like myself, who really only need a laptop for convenience. It is very thin, super lightweight, and so fast! It starts up within seconds and you can't even hear it. There are a few downsides, however: it uses the Chrome OS, so it runs on apps. This means you can only really download or install through the Google cloud, which is fine for me because I have an TB external hard drive. Don't even think about putting Microsoft Office on it (unless you decide to boot it with another OS). Also, there is no disc drive. If you're looking for an extremely portable and reliable lap top for convenient web browsing, this is the lap top for you! And you really can't beat the price ($249.99 free shipping!) Hope this helps :)


I have a CR-48 that Google sent me for free. I used it for about a year, and then I went back windows with a chrome browser. I wanted badly to like the chromebook and I think someday they will be more useful but for now I think they're very specialized.


My wife purchased one. She was intrigued by the lightweight design and low price.

She used it for a couple of weeks. However, she did not like the applications. It takes time transiting between application and operating systems, which frustrated her.

She had been using an ultra portal laptop, to which she has since moved back. It's a deal compared to comparable PCs, but has a learning curve. I'm a techie and had no issues.


What is Google Chromebook?


I've thought about it before, but ultimately decided that the limitations weren't worth it, as full featured laptops could be had for just a bit more. Thanks to a deals.woot post, I ended up buying this $290 Dell last summer.


Got one as a Christmas gift, played around with it for about a week before sending it back. If all you want to do is search the web, great, this is the thing for you. But if you like watching alot of videos, playing games or doing work on it, the get a netbook or kindle fire. Seriously for the $249 (which I understand some of you see as a 'good price') you'd think they could have made it function better.

The first downside is probably the most important, the apps. When you hear 'apps', you're probably thinking to yourself, games, shopping, movies, stuff a phone would be able to use. And for the most part, you'd be right, except that you don't have access to the Play Store here, no this is a Chromebook, not an Android device, which means you're stuck with the Chrome Store and most developers don't want to make apps for a niche store that only a handful of people actually use. It's getting better over time, but is far from good.


I've got this one:

I really like it for what I use it for: internet work while watching sports, et al. I view it as a cheaper table with a nice keyboard that boots up very fast. If you live in the Google world (Gmail, Chrome browser) this is really for you. When you buy it (and redeem online, which I had to figure out for myself how to do) you get two years of 100GB on your GDrive for free for 2 years (120 bucks) and 12 GoGo in flight passes (150), so overall it is a pretty good deal


The second downside is speed. This thing is slower than a semi truck going through a McDonalds drive thru. Seriously, it'll pick up, you're browsing page after page and then suddenly, without warning, it takes 4 minutes to load simple pages like Google. At first you may think this a problem with the network, but I assure you, it's the device.

The third major downside is capabilities. This device is now able to watch videos online (the first batch couldn't at first) but using both mine or my cousin's, we had constant issues with the device freezing, lagging or even worst, completely crashing while watching more than 20-30 minutes of video at a time. If you're someone who likes to video hop... God speed.

Overall, while it's a nice book for someone wanting to surf the web, I'd figure that these kinds of devices would have hit the $150 mark already. With it being, even less capable than the Fire, yet the same price... I could never suggest one of these for purchase.


I love my chromebook. it allows me to be productive on the couch. If I ever need to do anything that requires a program, I just remote desktop to my desktop using chrome's built in remote desktop app; it isn't the smoothest because of the limited computing power of the chromebook, but it gets the job done.


Yes. The Samsung thingy for $249.
Very useful and full of advantages. I got it for my 9-year-old son and ended up begging him to trade with an older full-scale Win laptop.

It cannot fully substitute a regular laptop, but it is so lightweight, fast, and long-lasting that it is an excellent addition. And it comes with 100GB of cloud storage, free for the first year or so.

Shucks, it even has HDMI out to connect to your home theater or (even better) to a portable projector to view movies outdoors.

I may sound silly in this additional praise: the Chromebook has nearly removed my need for tablets. To better acept this statement (or at least make fun of me more accurately), (A) I dislike Apple products, and (B) my phone is a Windows Phone.

Get it as a very versatile extra device that covers a lot of ground between your desktop at home and your tablet everywhere else.