questionsis it possible to increase your tattles rating by…


Shouldn't tattling be to better the site rather than your rep?


@jsoko: Am I not allowed to be curious? I'd rather just ask and be straightforward, regardless of what staff thinks, than constantly brown nose them cough cough

Thanks for the downvote.


@dmaz: Be curious all you want and please don't take my downvote personal. I just don't deem this question of true value.

Maybe its a case of the Mondays (or Labor Day Tuesdays), but I'm tired of people always looking for the "What's in it for me?" rather than just doing something for the betterment of the community/society. Yes, @dmaz, I know you aren't on here simply for rep. This comment was simply me being tired of the society's feeling of entitlement.


@dmaz: I think its a good question. Hopefully a staff member would reply, but I would honestly guess the answer is no. I'd also be curious to see if expiring your own deal has any effect on your tattle rating; I imagine tattling yourself or expiring yourself would be the exact same, rep wise.

EDIT: a bit of irony: I just checked my rep and the suggested area for improvement happens to be tattling. I'm on to you, Woot.


@jsoko: I understand what you're saying, but I have to disagree with you.
Just a few names from the top 15:


I'm familiar with all of these people, and, based on my friendly communication with and observation of them, I know that they are not on the top 15 because of some feeling of entitlement, driving them to get there. They either 1. Are just crazy about deals or 2. Like the friendly competition and want to have fun with it.

Woot made the leaderboard so that people would compete and bring more stuff to the site, thus expanding it. This is what (or at least what I think) they want.

I really don't feel that we are thriving off of a sense of entitlement, and have never gotten that sense from the community.


@jsoko: Thanks for the research in and info :)

Did you tattle on my question yet? ;)


@dmaz: Like I said, "I know you aren't on here simply for rep. This comment was simply me being tired of the society's feeling of entitlement." I'm talking about the US in general, not deals.woot here. People getting food stamps and unemployment, yet they spend the money they have on alcohol and drugs. A father works all his life, starting from nothing, becomes successful, then his children he hasn't seen for 5 years are fighting over his possessions/money after his death. Just a few examples of what I am speaking to.

No, I didn't/won't tattle. Sometimes topics continue to rise to the surface, because a new point is made or the community needs to be reminded. Not worth tattling...


@jsoko: woot! i asked that question before :P


@jsoko: Ahhhhh... If you're talking about society in general, I agree with you. I like to come to the deals.woot community because it's different :)


@dmaz: i just happened upon this question (still waiting on TPTB to fix the email system). It really does seem that you and @jsoko are trying to get into a snark fest. Can we please just step around the pile of poo and get on with the actual topic?

Since I have been deem The Queen of Tattles I am willing to tell what I have heard: If you expire your own deal it will give you the same rep points that tattling it will, but it will also help out whoever might have tattled it also and help the mods who have too much work to do already. Remember that every tattle creates an email that the mods must deal with, and they get a lot of them.


@moosezilla: Thanks moose. This makes sense, and clears it up for me! I suppose the most important thing to know is that I can save generating an email by just expiring my deals rather than tattling, then expiring.

As for the snark fest, I won't deny that I lean towards disliking @jsoko and, what I interpret as, disparaging lassitude that often borderlines troll-like activity (derp derp ;P)

Nonetheless, I do my best to find as many positive things as I can to connect, and remain friendly (in a yes-I'm-putting-my-arm-around-your-shoulder-while-simultaneously-grinding-my-elbow-into-your-ribs sort of way ;) ).


@dmaz: No way. I keep on the top 15 because if I don't, I'll die. From what I understand, that's bad.