questionshave you heard that hp is contributing webos to…


It's a solid OS. Let's hope the FOSS community can do something with it, because HP certainly couldn't.


For those with more patience than I at reading Corporate Speak, have they yet said which license? I note that this is the bare bones WebOS, and that other elements that make it actually useful, such as ENYO, will be donated real soon now (cynicism mine). (informative link) (informative link)

One never knows, do one?

[Edit] Let me know when there's a tarball available. For now, it's still just words.


It's all good. My son has already hacked the living crap out of my Touchpad and it just keeps getting better.

"In a brief interview with the Verge, HP CEO Meg Whitman indicated that HP's not just committing to the platform; the company's going to invest in the hardware it supports, as well. That means HP tablets, most likely, though Whitman said smartphones were unlikely.

Of course, now that webOS is open source, anyone can make a tablet or phone or refrigerator on the platform. But if HP having skin in the hardware game means that they'll be aggressive about keeping the software competitive. More good news, on a day we were expecting the opposite."


@dreamyvelvet: Nice link, but I still don't know any more than from the original. Until I see download sites (and they'd better not include download dot com aka C/Net), and which opensource license it is that they're committing to, I'm going to be standing over here on the sidelines, waiting to cheer until something actually happens.


Over and over, actually.

RIP Sun Microsystems ( I hate Oracle.

I went off and thought about that for a few minutes. Yup. I hate them.

[Edit] Here's the canonical site, listing the types of licenses that qualify as open source.


I saw it on my Firefox BBC news feed... unfortunately I am a bit technology challenged so it doesn't really mean anything to me.

I've heard some good things about it, but that could just be people pretending to know more than they actually do.


HP doesn't really want to let WebOS die, after paying $1.2 Billion for Palm last year. "One look at Nokia's backyard dumpster full of discarded operating systems shows that maintaining an open-source community for mobile devices is difficult, if not impossible. Symbian, Maemo, Moblin, and MeeGo are all essentially dead, at least as far as the U.S. market is concerned." Nobody knows what will happen for certain.


its a great OS, but a year and a half from now their might not be a very big opening for WebOS to sneak into the market


If more manufacturers adopt web os then it might catch and become a good competitor for apple