questionshow do you go about finding "free" stuff on deals…


The FREE deals are there for everyone to see. The FREE tag just keeps them off the TOP tab. If you view the FRESH tab, you will see the U2 song on page 2 as it was posted an hour ago (it did not lose it's place). It was not removed from viewing. The TOP tab is for the popular/most active deals, but is was flooded with FREE, so something had to be done (most other deal sites have a separate area for freebies).


@coondogg97: If you like free music deals, look through my old deals. I post a lot of music deals. A lot of the expired ones will still work. I try to expire deals based on age.


Under the "Top" tab, click on "Popular Flow" instead of the default "Current Rank". The free deals are not banished from this list like they are from the "Current Rank" list.