questionshave you heard? mike wallace dead at 93.


Yeah, I heard it early this morning. I cried, which surprised me. There's a photo of a 25 year anniversary, with the originals from 60 Minutes, and only three of them are still alive.

The picture can be seen in this (ugh, I hate Yahoo) slide show on slide 4 of 11.

(Sorry for link, but that's the best I could do on short notice)

Morley Safer and Leslie Stahl are still with us, and of course, Steve Kroft, but now four are gone.

I understand he had dementia, which is especially tragic, considering what a sharp, sharp mind he possessed.

So it goes.

[Edit: Lest there be any confusion, I did not mean to say that those seven were all original with the show, although most of them were.]


He was never afraid to ask the really tough questions... but he did it with class and tact...


Yep, saw it earlier this morning...sad news.


It is sad, but he lived a long, full and exciting life. I wasn't aware of the dementia, that is so truly tragic when it happens to anybody. I'm hoping the place beyond is a good one; for him and all of us.


@shrdlu: Thank you for finding the link for us.