questionswould you move to north dakota for a job?


I don't think I would move there for a chance at a job. But if you could get a good one there, you would have all summer to prepare. That's almost 5 weeks! Never lived that far north, but I'm sure you would adapt.


I wouldn't want to, but I think I would be willing to. I moved to a place about 4 hours from my hometown for a job, but I am still in the south. My brother moved 12 hours away from home and now lives in northern Illinois (the winters are his least favorite thing about it). Also consider that you don't have to stay forever if you don't like it, and it seems like it's easier to find a job once you have a job.


@okham: What he said. I wouldn't just show up looking for work. Part of the reason that wages are higher is that the cost of living may be high too. Do some research.


When the winter arrived, you'd wear warmer clothing and turn on the heat. I live in Maine; winters can be tough (although this past one is the mildest I've ever experienced). I don't think it's so much the cold weather as it is the isolation & lack of social activities that can come from living in less populated areas that bothers people.


The oil boom is what is driving up wages once the oil fields stabilize, wages are going to fall. If you can get in pocket as much cash as possiable while the getting is good, but be ready to move on in a couple of years.


Simple answer....if the job and pay are good enough.


I wouldn't even if the job offer was on the table. I do not like the cold at all, plus no one could pay me enough to live up there. I hear it is pretty, but nah.


No, I'm done moving for jobs. As long as I'm able to work at something, I will do whatever it takes to stay where I'm happy living.


Yes, if you can get a job (and I would need to be hired before I left) I'd move. I've always found that once you move somewhere you find it's a great place to be.

And I've moved to 17 different locations in my life (not including moving to new homes, apartments, etc.).


@wilfbrim: It's because of the oil boom up there, and the housing market has exploded. Rent/buying a house would be exponetially high right now.


North Dakota is a great state to live in. The people are great. If your are looking in oil money there is a ton to be had but its crazy long hours and tough to find housing. I see a lot of people living out of there trucks. It also in no place for kid. It reminds me of old west movies seem like everyone is carring a gun.


what the 2 above me said. i read an article about this boom in north dakota, and housing is ridiculously expensive, inflation there is really high, and it's somewhat dangerous for women and families. if you can do it, go for it. but it's not for me. if you're unemployed and want to slum it for a while, save up money and have plan for afterwards, go for it


I was up in Williston for a bit earlier this year so I think I can be some help here.

No: McDonalds is not paying quite as high as rumours would suggest, but they are paying very high as is Wal-Mart or any other place in town.

No: You can't just move up there and find a place to stay. Even RV parks run 3-800 a month.

No: Even if you have money there's hardly housing. It costs an arm and a leg for anything IF you can find something.

Yes: If you have a CDL or any oilfield experiance beforehand then it can be worth it.

Yes: If you can work 80-120 hours a week, it can be worth it.

Good luck.