questionsdid i just get a dud or are most (cheap) memory…


I don't personally have this mattress, but I actually just bought a mattress this weekend and purposely avoided looking at memory foam sets for this reason. From the reviews that I’ve read it seems quite a few people have had your same issue with memory foam mattresses in general. A lot of the long-term reviews state that they have had to get rid of their mattress after only a few years due to it wearing out much faster than a conventional one. And since the mattress you bought was so cheap to begin with, I’m sure the quality of foam was much worse than a more expensive set. Sorry!


While I don't know from personal experience, I've seen a lot of people expressing aaggravation over these cheaper memory foam mattresses. I've held off buying one because of so much disapointment. I think we're just gonna save up and get something we're sure of. The thought of spending that kind of money and it not lasting 6 months is scary.

Try the manufacturer, Woot! will be no help. Sorry you're having this bad experience. Hope you can work something out.


I think it's just memory foam mattress in general. I've had one that did the same thing and it wasn't a one. It took longer than what you mentioned but it did but it will develop one over time. I really don't see the added comfort to them. But then I could sleep on concrete or even standing up comfortably lol. Just buy a topper or a mattress with a plush top and it's just as good IMO.


I bought this one in January 2012. I've had zero problems and we love the comfort. Maybe it's just the brand that you bought?


I bought one from Moofi awhile ago and have the same issue. We rotated the bed once and it was a lot better for a little while. I paid about $400 for that mattress and don't feel ripped-off at all (the last mattress I had was closer to $2K and it is currently in much better shape than the $400 memory foam mattress. I'm a big person - 6'6" ~250 lbs so I wasn't surprised this happened to me (plus, I usually spend an hour sitting up each night playing video games so all of my weight is consolidated on the mattress in a relatively small area)


@dravack Didn't even think of getting a topper. That may be a good fix. I'll have to do some math and comparison shopping.

@jsimsace Looks like the "brand" was just generic; whatever Woot got in. Nothing listed on Moofi. Yours has more features listed than what I bought so I definitely can see yours being a lot more durable and comfortable.

@benyust2 I'm 5'0" and 100 lbs, so I'm pretty surprised and disappointed that I have this issue after only 6 months of use. Since Woot often doesn't list a brand with these mattresses, I'm thinking the quality and durability varies from lot to lot.

Thanks for the input, everyone. I'm definitely never buying a memory foam mattress again. It's amazing how sore you can get when the mattress "goes bad" and I should have put that money towards a better mattress. Live and learn!


I had a 4" memory foam mattress and didn't notice any "memory" problems. I got rid of it because I toss and turn a lot at night and the darned thing would clutch at me like a scorned lover whenever I would try to turn over. Switched to an extra firm mattress with a very thin memory foam mattress topper, got rid of that because all my tossing and turning caused it to migrate under the sheet and pile up in odd shapes. Finally got a top-brand pillow-top mattress I picked up for 75% off at a furniture going-out-of-business sale. Spent about a month with my back giving me trouble switching from extra firm to pillow-top, but now I have adjusted and I love it.


When I was researching memory foam pillows, I discovered that cheaper ones usually not made with the real "Visco Elastic Memory Foam" (the NASA stuff), and instead are made with "Reflex Memory Foam." It looks like memory foam mattresses are made with Reflex Memory Foam as the base layer, and then the NASA stuff is layered on top. I'd guess depending on the price, the proportion of Reflex to Visco Elastic Foam varies, as does the quality of the Reflex Foam that makes up the core of the mattress.


If you want memory foam, you can find decent quality 2" toppers for about $100. A good one won't suffer from Alzheimer's. That said, it will wear out or break down over time. You should be able to get 5 years from one.


You'd need to research to see if this is "the good stuff" or not, but I thought of you when I saw this deal today:

Support a superior slumber with this deal from Zen Bedrooms: a luxury memory-foam mattress designed by sleep experts:

• $349 (up to a $1,502 value) for a full- or twin-size memory-foam mattress, including delivery
• $399 (up to a $1,700 value) for a queen- or king-size memory-foam mattress, including delivery
• Three layers for the best in back support and whole-body comfort
• Cooling knitted cover rests atop two inches of advanced viscoelastic foam and six-inch base
• Made in America


@moondrake: Thanks!

That mattress says 2" of actual memory foam, and 6" of regular foam, which is like the Moofi mattress I bought.

2" uncompressed just isn't supportive enough for me, though maybe this LivingSocial mattress is better quality or denser foam.

I'm pretty wary of memory foam mattresses now. I think I may just have to spend some money on a good topper, or spend even more money (eek) on a brand new, traditional mattress.

I should probably email to see if they have received any complaints about this particular Moofi lot. Maybe I did get a dud. Failure after 6 months of use from a petite person like me seems quite atypical.


You bought a cheap memory foam mattress you dont have to spend a fortune but you should get atleast 3 inches of memory foam and it should be at mininum 4.5 pound density yours is probally 2.5 to 3.5 i recommend atleast 5 thats just me though