questionsis amazon about to launch a new kindle?


Everything I am seeing is saying yes, or at least very soon. It's interesting, considering the Nexus 7 is still pretty fresh. All of this is driving down the price of other budget tablets. I am pricing a few, as I am in the market right now, and I am seeing prices drop before my eyes. I use it primarily as a reader, and for bedtime wooting, so smaller is better for me. I also tend to fall asleep, and it hits me in the head, so weight, is also an issue, LOL.

It will be interesting to see what they bring to the table(t). : )


I love you Amazon, but I cannot be tied to you and only you. I need my space, I need to see other content. We can still see each other since you let me have the App for your content.

I guess I am not buying the cow when the milk is free.

I'll call.


@pickypickypicky: Nice closing line. :) As for the OP, meh. I think I will wait for the "next" best thing.


@pickypickypicky: I am in a similar situation and waiting to see what happens. Besides, just as an e-reader the Fire isn't quite what I need.


I hope for their sake that if they do release a new Kindle, that it has a camera and a quad-core processor or the Google Fire Extinguisher is going to do exactly what it's been coined to do.