questionsdid you know that jumbowoot called me?


This may come as a surprise to you, but yes I did know he called you. I've been monitoring your phone lines for weeks now.

Does your wife know about those 1-900 calls you've been making?


@gideonfrost: Ummmm, I was calling to one of those donation phone numbers that automatically bills your phone carrier?


Hmmm... I remember someone said something to the effect of "just put up an FAQ, and that may help push for an official one". Or, somethingorother.


@lichme: I bet you also only read those magazines for the articles.


Awesome! Looks like all your hard work is getting noticed, as it should!

Maybe we'll be seeing you with a special box next to your username in the near future :P


Congrats on getting that moving...We've been asking for long enough. Are you at least going to get an author's credit?


What a pleasant surprise from the usual political adverts and bill consolidators! Thanks for the efforts on the FAQ and for the update.


" What did he Call You? "......... I know old joke, couldn't resist.


I'll believe it when I see it :-)

btw - if it doesn't end in 'All Told' - it isn't official


It might be good, if it's not already there, to include the copypasta used to answer the "where's my order" question and its variants.




BTW- another suggestion for the FAQ:

In the section headed What is reputation, and how do I increase it?

"Your deals.woot reputation is based off a scoring system used to determine how valuable your contributions are to the community when compared to other users" and the following text doesn't include the idea that your reputation is based (mostly) on how well you predict what other people will do and how they vote for and against you. Perhaps this is better:

Your deals.woot reputation is a vaguely understood statictic that indicates how well you predict what others will do, as well as how much your contributions are valued by the community. No one really knows how it works, but there are several different parts to reputation, and the easiest way to figure out how to increase yours may be to follow the suggestions listed on the Leaderboard. Or just do these things:

(Followed by your list of suggested activities...)


@lichme: Yippeee!!! So, pray tell, what does JW sound like? Inquiring minds want to know. So glad to see your FAQ becoming "official." I had a feeling that if you started one, tptb would pick up the ball and run with it. :)
I hope you are justly rewarded for your work.


No "the call is coming from inside the house" jokes yet? I'm disappointed.


Looks @riknik: "Have you checked the children?"


Glad to hear it's finally in the works... It will be a great help.


a call from the almighty @jumbowoot? I think I would of passed out! This kind of thing just shows that Woot! IS listening to it's community.


Does he really sound like James Earl Jones?


@gideonfrost: He actually does. I have a telescope set up across the street. Nice curtains btw @lichme.


He has a nice Texas accent.


Can I be the first to complain about the written rules?

Bonus points if you link me requesting written rules. 1/2 point if you find me talking about different rules for different people or times.


The temptation to start a thread that Says Did you know Jumbowoot didnt call me ? ......


I hope he didn't do the creepy heavy breathing thing he does to me. It's not like I don't know it's him!