questionsshould i choose a new roku instead of cable?


i have been waiting to make this decision too, gna keep an eye on this thread. +1


Definitely go with Roku, you won't miss cable unless there are shows you watch a lot that aren't on Hulu.

I'd highly recommend both Hulu+ and Netflix subscriptions - about $8 each and it covers new and older shows, plus a great selection of movies.

I've honestly rarely watched any other Roku channels except TWiT and Revision3 for tech news, and TWiT has a live channel feed that's fun to watch. I also have an MLB.TV subscription because I'm a baseball fan. Vudu and Amazon are both great for renting newer movies at a decent price.

But with Roku being around $50, definitely worth getting. I ditched cable for Netflix and Hulu+ and haven't missed it. I still catch the newer shows with Hulu.


Yes. I have one each each room of the house. I subscribe to Netflix and my girlfriend subscribes to Hulu Plus, so we get all that content for less than $20 a month. You can link up your Amazon account to rent newer movies. And there is now some streaming news channels along with all the other free channels. So unless you're a die-hard fan of some current TV show or watch a lot of sports, go for it. I'm personally much happier. This is cool too; last night I was watching something on Netflix upstairs, paused it, moved downstairs, and resumed watching it on another box!


Yes, definitely. I have absolutely no need for cable. I can get everything I want between Hulu Plus and Netflix (oh, and A&E online for new Hoarders episodes - I'm obsessed; don't ask).

I'm still getting 1-3 discs at a time through Netflix, in addition to the streaming. (I've been finely calibrating my membership the past few months - otherwise known as waffling.) But it still only comes out to under $30/month, plus $50 for internet - so $80, which is the introductory price right now for the cheapest bundle at Comcast. And everything is on demand all the time.


I got a roku and yes you can watch just about anything you would miss on cable, except live sports. I do wish there was a live sports channel. Yes there is an NBA channel but I didn't want to pay up for that!


@jgribb1: There's several live sports on Hulu. But of course you have to pay for them. MLB and NBA are two I know of.. I think Soccer is there too, but not sure what leagues. MLB has an amazing service for only about $100 on the season.


While I too am a huge advocate of the Roku, answer this question: What TV shows do you watch and can't live without?

Between Hulu and Netflix, there's a ton of content, and there's only a couple shows that I enjoy and can't get through those services. Picking up a decent antenna should help out with that a little bit, since there is some OTA content (especially CBS) that is unavailable on the Roku.

Also on the OTA channels are live sports (NFL football, college basketball, etc.). Since you won't have ESPN, and if you can't miss a particular game, just grab a buddy and catch it at a bar (or his house). The money you spend at the bar will be less than the money you save on cable, I guarantee it.


We just got rid of cable. We now have Hulu+, Netflix, and an Antenna.

I don't even notice the difference


Also have a look at PlayOn, one of the most popular and powerful Roku private channels. It allows you to access tons more content via your Roku. You can learn more here:


I am saving $80 a month and don't miss cable. Glad it is gone. Way over priced.


But if I want the local MLB teams and I am in NY, does that mean they black out ALL the NY baseball games in my own area? So why would the sports packages do this?