questionscan you totally stay away from this woot!-off?


I wouldn't go so far as to say that I'm boycotting it, but my days of running a tracker and waiting for each new item are long gone.


To answer the question posted in the title, I've successfully ignored it thus far.

To answer the text, no, I'm not 'boycotting' it, I just don't care. A Woot-Off these days just feels like a carpet store's "Going out of business, everything must go" sign. Yeah yeah, you've been going out of business for 30 years now.


I've purchased two items from a woot site in the past 6 months. I don't think either was on a woot off.

I still follow the woot-offs but more and more they seem to be a waste of energy.


I'm not following most of the woot-off but I am following the shirt.woot woot-off. Some nice designs have come up and they are priced at $10 which is pretty nice. It is also interesting to see the different bundles that have been coming up.


Not as much fun = No purchases = Yes


I'm not boycotting it, but I've glanced at it once or twice a day and haven't found anything of interest to me. Those days of excitement are long gone.


I did it! let me guess, flying monkeys at the end?