questionswhat actor do you hate but secretly like?


I think it's possible to not like an actor's general body of work but still enjoy some of his/her work. for example, you couldn't drag me to a Rambo film, or pretty much anything where Stallone, playing it straight, grabs a gun and grunts, but I enjoy him when he's being funny. I've got a soft spot for the trio of "Oscar", "Judge Dredd" and "Demolition Man."


I wouldn't say I hate Christian Bale, but I dislike him only because of what I have heard about him as a person (which may or may not be true). I really do like his work, and honestly cannot wait for Dark Knight Rises.

By the way, UHF is one of my favorites, so you get up-votes for your username!


I use to feel this way with Leonardo Dicaprio, but I've come around.


The short guy on Workaholics.


@eraten: Oh, it's true and a good reason to not like him.

I despise Woody Allen and won't watch anything he is in. But I loved "Midnight in Paris" which he directed. It irks me to admit I like anything he is associated with, but I really did love that movie.


I agree with @elforman. I can't stand watching Will Ferrell's goofy movies, but really enjoyed him in Stranger Than Fiction and Everything Must Go.

P.S. - I love when they go to Taco Bell in Demolition Man !!


@mikecris: In the future, all restaurants will be Taco Bell.


Charlie Sheen............loved his father's movies though. I did like him in Two & 1/2 Men and Platoon.


@107bear: Agree about Charlie, but I liked his brother's movies better than their dad's..