questionsanyone else tired of schrödinger's cat themed…


Let them be and not be at the same time.


I'm tired of shirts, period.


ha @rprebel, that was a home run fastball I tossed you, wasn't it ; )


I exist in a world where they are in a super-position of being both awesome, and terrible at the same time.


@rprebel: and now I'm just going to giggle until the night's over.


I am simultaneously tired and not tired of them.


seriously, it's potentially one of the most important theories of the next few decades.
Then again, potentially it isn't.


@captainsuperdawg 's answer is absolutely the best, and definitely the worst.


Like many of my tees, I'm torn about this. I suppose if I consider it carefully, I could make a decision, but then I'd wonder if I got the size to fit me best. Having selected, would I have been better off with a women's shirt (given the awkward shape of the men's after they have been washed). Might I have done better with some strange version of the Periodic Table? Hello, Mendeleyev!


Since you are observing this message, it turns out that I like them a great deal. Oh, if you only hadn't looked!!! Who knows what endless possibilities! But since you did, and I do, then keep bringing them on.


I am tired of these shirts, memes, jokes altogether.
What is with society these days? Someone on T.V. make a quick one liner about something and then the next day it's turned into 100 different shirts and memes and BS.


Not at all! All things considered, though, they should ship in a box instead of a bag. But then, if one came in a box, I wouldn't know whether to open it.


I will remember this thread next time I phrase a question ; )


Schrödinger's cat helps prove my theory that all of you only exist when I read your threads. When I read your thread you exist as I am measuring the tread.

I am so happy you exist.