questionsis it wrong to post coupon codes?


This is a DEALS site. I think the whole idea is to pass along deals. OF COURSE it is OK.


Why do you feel it wouldn't be right?


Who's to say that the retailer doesn't want the codes spread around? Every retailers dream is to have one of their codes generate more sales.


If not, like Woot, it is possible to assign the codes to specific users / accounts only.


I just think that if they wanted the code to be known, they would have posted it themselves. Anyways, you've all convinced me to post it (not like it was very hard to find on your own anyways).
For all interested parties: IWILLSHAREHOBONINJA
Takes $4 off of the linked shirt posted above.


Of course what they really want is to have the items sold at the highest possible price. But I don't think they're going to get too upset if people get it slightly cheaper with a legitimate coupon code.


Anyone else suspect that cfalgas is doing guerilla-marketing for the t-shirt company?


@mtw1057: Seeing as how his/her account was created a year and a half before hoboninja's AND he's/she's posted a ton of other deals from other websites, including competitors, ... I doubt it.

And to answer your question OP, heck no. We all come here looking for deals. Websites put these codes on the net to increase traffic and stimulate sales. If it ended up costing them money, they could expire the code at any time.

The only time I have a morality issue with a deal is if you're exploiting a "don't like it, we'll refund your money" offer. People who post an item as FREE, but you're actually buying it with full intent to get a full refund because "you don't like it". Legal? Of course. Moral? Ehhh not in my opinion.


@firebirdude: Appreciate the support. I was kinda on the fence about posting the code earlier, but I agree with most of the sentiments expressed by you and everyone else in here. The only thing that gave me pause was posting the code in the seller's own listing, right after it was created.
@mtw1057: I have posted 2 shirts from these guys before, both of which I thought were interesting enough to buy before I posted them. I was going to post the shirt from today, but was beat to the punch the actual seller.


If loving codes is wrong, I don't wanna be right.


It's not wrong, it's recommended and appreciated. :)


Completely wrong, this is no place for deals........ not!