questionswill the great deals come back?


Maybe it's a combination of a lot of things:
When you're used to getting a good deal, your "standards" go up. People have to try harder to impress. That's a good thing!
The economy (not making this political so don't even start in the comments) isn't what it used to be. Real deals (vs. markups so markdowns look impressive) are harder to find then they used to be. It's just a fact.
Seasonal waves. They just tend to happen in retail, they happen in any user-driven community.

You're right - there are a lot of great deals out there. But what I see is you not finding what you're looking for. Are you looking for something particular?

Tell us! Challenge people to find specific items! :)


"I want more life, Father."

(Using the G-rated version of the quote here rather than the original line.)


I'm thinking it is mostly a seasonal thing, coupled with habituation.


@inkycatz: Didn't mean for the question to sound gloomy. The thing is, if DW somehow ceases being great then I might have to figure out how to shop in the real world with stores and carts and whatnot.

So the fact that there are actual reasons for this as opposed to it being a "Woot! problem" is good to hear :D


No offense Woot but I always go to to find my deals. The deals on here aren't really that great. SlickDealers are die hard savers and will go to extreme measures for a good deal. There is also a forum link for Free Deals which are pushed to the side here. Facebook deals are also allowed there. I don't buy anything until I check SD.


I'm happy with the deals and their quality. I think there's something for everyone around here. We all keep coming back. Sometimes daily and that says a lot.


The deals will overwhelm us around November. Just wait and see.


@coreyking: What is says is that we're all way too optimistic.


So, are you saying we've become a bunch of Deals.woot slackers?