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BTW, the reason it was posted as a deal is because it's at $12 today, instead of the regular $15-20.


@narfcake: Looks ok to me. You might reach out to teeturtle if you know anyone over there. I tried to buy that shirt and the shopping cart would never open. Still spinning...

Anyway, have them get that fixed before you post this again.


All told.


@jumbowoot: I had no problem adding it to my cart, and telling them I am a new customer, but that is as far as I went.
Chrome Version 25.0.1364.160 m


Just went through to checkout and all was fine. Firefox 19.0.2 on Windows 8.


@narfcake: If you repost, let us know so we can upvote it again!


@neuropsychosocial: I didn't think you were supposed to post a deal and also a question promoting the deal. Where are the mods when you need 'em! Somebody should delete the deal again! trollface.jpg