questionsam i out of line here?


I have to agree with Woot on this one. How else would they link up all the separate orders to see which ones were picked before. If you ordered three on the same order, that's different but you elected to do them as three separate ones.

Shipping is free for shirts.woot but I bet if you had to pay for shipping per order, you would have done it at one time instead of three separate ones.


"bugger deal" snicker snicker. Had a few of those in my day. Anyway, I would guess that if you made the purchases close together and for the same size, the person doing the packing was just going down the packing list fulfilling orders with identical shirts till that box ran empty, then they'd grab the next box of that size of whatever random shirt and go on. They'd have no reason to mix it up.


I believe this comes from a slight misuse of the word random. It is being used not as "We select something without looking at it, it could be anything!" but as "You get what you get, you don't know what it is".

Imagine a shirt for every month of the year. 1000 each month. Jan-Jun each sell out. July sells 900. August sells none. Sep-Dec each sell 975. At the end of the year, you have 1200 shirts from this calendar run left over, so you sell them as a random shirt from the calendar collection.

While most people might take that as "I have equal chances of getting March as I do of getting August", you actually have NO chance of getting March, and pretty high odds of getting August. Order three, and odds are still astronomically high that you will be getting three from August. It could be argued that mystery would have been a better word to use, but random is correct, technically speaking. It is not random from the calendar collection though, it is random from a smaller subset.


it's a bum deal, i admit. but unfortunately since it was three separate orders, it would be difficult to make the assurance that the recipient would get three shirts with different random designs. in rare cases where a customer orders three and receives three of the same design, that's handled differently, but this isn't quite the same.

nevertheless, i will send your post forth, because we hate to disappoint.


I agree - three separate orders, there's no guarantee you'll get three different shirts, especially if they were ordered close together in timing. Back in the better days, my double order of ABT were done at least 3 hours apart to minimize the chance of duplicates.

As for hating to disappoint, @pemberducky, shirt.woot is heavily disappointing us in other ways, namely in the lack of AA blanks for those of us who are willing to pay more. Not your fault, I know, but there's a reason why Wooters are still ranting over 15 months since the change.


I just can't understand why you would place three separate orders, for one shirt each. I'm pretty sure the checkout system lets you select multiple sizes in one order, doesn't it? Hard to blame Woot for this particular issue. (Blame Woot all you want for the other issues!!!)


Yes, you are out of line with your expectations.
Especially if all the shirts were the same size. (e.g. Woot overestimated the demand for a certain shirt in 2XL and had a shirt-tonne of them in stock)

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What size are they? I'm pretty sure I know someone who'd be willing to take one or two off your hands.


I've received the same shirt in two separate random orders. I felt that was just the luck of the draw. Now, if it was in the same order, I might have complained...


All of the orders were placed within a minute or two of each other. The reason I did them separately was because of different payment choices.


@conanthelibrarian: Yep, that kind of timing would do it. Chalk it up to a shirt.woot random shirt lesson learned and post the extra two up for trade.

@pemberducky: Ha!


@pemberducky: Thank you for sending my post forward, I wanted to make sure everyone knew that I appreciate all that you do, you are always willing to go the extra mile to help us out!


@conanthelibrarian: After all that's been said above, yes, I do think you're sort of out of line. Not that I think you're wrong. Just a bit off. I've been there, too, so I have empathy. Hope woot comes they used to in the past.


That's messed up. I would be super pissed off.

Pretty pathetic of Woot.