questionshow will the stoppage of saturday postal delivery…


I saw that thread, typed my response, then canceled posting it because I thought it was engaging enough to merit its own question. I guess I was wrong.


It's important to point out that this change doesn't affect mail transport, only delivery. On average you should still see the same turn-around times, except that saturday deliveries will be delayed to monday, and if you want to mail a game back on saturday you'll need to take it to the post office yourself.


If it gets to be bad enough they could potentially look into striking up a deal with FedEx home delivery; they deliver on Saturdays.


They won't be delivering anything put packages on Saturday so Netflix and Gamefly will prob be put on hold till Monday I would believe.


I currently have Netflix disks by mail. I often end up getting into the Wednesday-Saturday cycle (trying to get the most out of my subscription). I get a disk on Wednesday. I watch the disk that night and return it on Thursday. Netflix gets the disk on Friday, ships the next disk out. I get my next disk Saturday. I have the weekend to watch the movie, return it Monday, get the next disk Wednesday, and the cycle continues.

After this change, a Monday-Thursday cycle is the only viable way to watch 2 disks per week and I no longer have anything on the weekend. Realistically, I'll probably just end up getting 1 disk per week. =P It'll make Netflix less efficient for me and I'll likely have an on-again-off-again subscription for the disks (using it for the movies I really want to see) rather than having it active all the time.

That's just me though. I suspect that most people aren't nearly as efficient with their Netflix subs.