questionsis anyone at deals.woot working this week??


I'm going with raging party :P But in all honesty I've noticed that a lot of businesses took this whole week off because the holiday is smack dab in the middle of the week. Since it's online retail, though, I'm sure some poor soul is at work today. It's possible they are prioritizing other issues and wont be getting to tattled deals for a few days if they are short staffed. Happy New Year by the way! :)


Someone is working... This question has had its Tags changed and has been removed from the Fresh Page..
So Sad...


@hobbitss: It's also possible that whoever changed the tags is still having to prioritize work load or doesn't handle tattles to begin with.

It's nice that you're cleaning house on old deals, but even in the best of times I would much prefer they handle tattles on current deals ahead of old ones.


I tattled on a deal I posted today where the link didn't mesh. It was fixed in ok time considering the holiday and assumed short staff. {2hours}. In fact @hizzo87 posted on my deal thanking me for tattling ! I thought that was very nice. Hopefully she is home or out w/ friends/family by now.

Happy New Year Woot Staff !