questionsdo i need an lg branded adapter to use wifi on my…


AFAIK a generic one will work just fine.


I thought Smart TVs had built in Wifi. So they're really just Wifi ready... bummer.


@missellienc: I think it depends on the brand and maybe even the model within the brand.


Does it have a standard ethernet port? If so, you can get generic adapters for $15-20 that are all but guaranteed to work.


@jsimsace: FTR I looked at ones 6 different generic USB adapters and all of them require software installation.

@tsfisch: Yes. these work, but they are twice the price of the actual adapter that also gives you DLNA. I searched several (physical) stores, but the best sale I could find was one for $56.

@missellienc: As far as I know, most Smart t.v.s already have WiFi and many stores throw the adapter in for free. But this was a refurb Woot purchase, the price I got well outweighs a little extra change for the wireless. I found a refurb adapter for $16 online I just have to wait for it...