questionsdid you hear about google censoring more search…


Yikes!! It's true!! I just Google-shopped for "ammo" and got no results. I tried "guns" and got only airsoft items. How will I ever be able to find the items I need to go on another killing spree? I guess I'll just have to become a law abiding, upstanding, compliant citizen after all. Thank you Google for saving us from ourselves.


@nortonsark: Indeed, all bad guys acquire their weapons legally through legitimate online distributors. Thanks Google for only effecting the bad guys.


That's just crazy! What if I want to buy some supplies for the zombie apocalypse?


@nortonsark: Maybe you want to live in a country where the only people that own guns are criminals. That's not for me thanks. I'd like to actually be able to defend myself and my family.


@dmaz: Psst. I think you missed the hidden sarcasm tag there, on @nortonsark's post. Just saying...

[Edit] Phew. Made it back before the edit deadline was up. Here's a comment from another question to give you a hint as to @nortonsark's feelings about guns.



Google Shopping will soon include only paid listings so your search results will be dramatically diminished. I think this is a bad move as many people don't like to click on anything that smells of "advertising".


@shrdlu: hehe I couldn't quite tell if he was being sarcastic or not. I figured I'd take the sardonic response, approach, which around here could work as a response for either point of view, as long as you keep it fairly mild :)


why does this surprise anyone?


They should just replace all references of "guns" to "flashlights"


@shrdlu took the words right out of my... fingers (?)!

It doesn't give me ANYTHING for "AR15" or "AR 15.." So they must have locked that term completely.. I'd have to imagine there's another product somewhere with those letters in it.

Do any of the other "big" search engines do this?


I'd be curious to know how much time, money and man power they put in to this.. there's an infinite number of different calibers, brands, sizes and kinds of guns and ammo, so to be at all thorough they would have had to spent a ridiculous amount of time and energy on this.

I probably wouldn't be to happy about any part of this if I was a share holder..

(lol they completely cut a bunch of words out.. so far I've found "AR15" and "ammo")


@drchops: I own a quite profitable chunk of GOOG. I am a completely agnostic investor. I'm in it for the money.

I also provided a link in my first comment to demonstrate that Yahoo (among others) does not care, and happily returns the stuff that Google used to, a while back. On the other hand, here's a REALLY funny thing. I don't usually use Google directly (the ads are more than I can take). Instead, I use "goosh" (aka Google Shell). I just put the search terms "ammunition sales" in it, and Google happily gave up perfectly good links to ammo. (I love Stefan Grothkopp; he's my hero.)

[Edit] Wait just a minute. That filter isn't there on Google, either. I just tried that search, directly. I just tried three different browsers. No filter. I hadn't tried earlier today, I just took other people's word for this. Anyone else that saw the filter want to test it out now?


@shrdlu: the filter is only in the shopping area


@justincredibleg: What's a "shopping area" (not kidding; I don't get it)?

Aughghghghggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!! My eyes, they burn. Make it stop.

Ugh. I just found it, under a menu. Why would anyone want to use that? You can get the same stuff with just a search.

Yuck. Google shopping is stoopid.


@shrdlu: lol yeah, I think that's probably a wise stance to take. I would venture to guess picking your investments based on the companies beliefs maaaayy not be quite so profitable :)

All I mean is, that's got to cut into the bottom line a little (after all, they're alienating a HUGE chunk of a very profitable market). In the end it's probably too insignificant to matter much at all, but I would think it's still going in the opposite direction of "profitable"

But with all of that said, it's Google Shopping lol so I don't think too many people are going to be very deeply effected


meh, google is a company, they can do whatever their investors will support. It's still easy to find deals on guns online. :)

Just another reason to avoid google altogether.