questionswhat kind of things should i send…


I know he seems to like comics, as some references to comicon, but what about technology? Video games? star wars? books?


I would avoid actual poo. To be honest I am not sure if he likes poo sent to him in a box but it could get damaged in shipment.


@caffeine_dude: unless it takes one of these snazzy shapes. That's right, snazzy poop.


@cowboydann: would be the one to ask, ifen he were still around these parts.


He likes sombreros and orange suit coats.


Thanks for tagging me @pickypickypicky
Great BOC items:
Cheese grater, box of pens, miscellaneous pen caps,Lego Pieces, broken RC components,betamax cassettes, travel size toiletries, sandals, notepads, ancient video games, universal remonster, old mix tapes, cowboy related records, a box of condoms, can opener, an old retainer, box of bandages, a blindfold, 80's action figure, 1 green-yellow and 1 yellow-green crayon, ironic t-shirt, floam, woot-shirt, hang in there poster, expired coupons, hotel keys, lock of hair, a lone guitar string, a birthday candle, three different coloured rubber bands, a map of the Virginia Commonwealth, book of tongue twisters, bottle of nail polish, orthotic butt pad, a novelty tie, a hot wheel car, a 14mm short socket, caulk saver, baseball cards, air bud on vhs, a polaroid photo of a ghost, watch battery, hand buzzer, celebrity autographed headshot [clearly faked], used k-cup, magic wand, plastic fedora, bags of air,pogs, mad libs and a bag of some sort.


@barnabee: I see what you did there....Happy Mothers Day if it fits. :)


@nedreck: Thank you for the Mom's Day wishes. Egads, my triangle has turned purple! I'm going to have to go into hiding until my lovely green triangle returns.


Whew! Back to green and I good thing because I didn't know who long I could keep my mouth shut.


Thanks for all the idea's, his 6lb package went out today, maybe he will grace you with pictures, maybe not.