questionsthank you, @morriea!!


Okay. Direct pictures are just not working.

All boxed up

All on the table


i have a slightly different question from this type topic: how are y'all shipping this stuff. i know we wooters tend to want the least amount we can spend, but most of boc's are larger than the "if it fits, it ships" boxes.


@moosezilla: I just used Priority Mail - USPS Click-n-Ship. It was easiest as opposed to least expensive.

ENJOY the Crap @thedogma. I do not lie when I say crap.


@morriea: I'd say it's only about 50% crap :P

For real though, a lot of it is really cool.

@moosezilla: I went with the same that @morriea did, pretty much, for the wootizen BOC. You can always goes the cheapest method too. My BOC was probably about medium sized, but it shipped for 5 or 6 bucks. Pretty reasonable


@moosezilla: Those flat rate boxes are not always the cheapest even if it does fit. If you plan to do some mailings look into the regional rate A and B boxes. I use the A boxes often myself. I also really like the padded flat rate envelopes, too.

For lighter packages, with or without the flat rate boxes, check the rates with the zip code you are shipping to. Guess at the weight if you do not have a scale. It is likely cheaper in a regular box. If you are printing an online label, priority can be cheaper than snail post.


Congrats on your BOC. Or would that be MOC?

The toilet paper was a nice touch :)


>with some Beatles preloaded
Careful. The RIAA may be listening. /s

Enjoy your crap! Excellent work, @morriea!


@morriea: wasn't there a runner up I was supposed to send crap to? I been waiting for a PM :P


@cowboydann: Ck your PMs....I sent one a while ago. (I hope).
edit...sent 10/26


@morriea: yeah I saw that. I just misread it i suppose. I thought you were saying thedogma was who I was sending my BOC to and you were waiting to get a confirmation to have them send me address.. oh well I'll send out crap another time.