questionswhy did my free constitution class deal get…


I liked it, thought it was a good deal.


Thank you, both. I thought it was a great deal, too. I didn't get to see the voting, but did see (and read) the discussion, which had 19 posts. Nothing there looked out of hand. This is why I'm confused...


Drop a line to and they'll give you the 411.


I did read some of the discussion, but doubt I read it all. It didn't seem too bad. (The person saying the college was pollitically bias was debunked)


Here, the people voted for your deal. But I don't think Wooterland is a democracy--maybe an oligarchy?


If money is the new god, is woot a theocracy? We were talking about North Korea the other day and my friend asked how a supposedly Communist country could have an absolute ruler and I replied that it was an "Hypocracy".