questionswhat brand of coffee tastes good but doesn't…


Costco - Kirkland sig. house blend (starbucks) is pretty good for the price.


@anorion, when you say "Blue Mountain" are you referring to that bean known as Jamaican Blue Mountain? If that's the case, you are not going to find something else as good. I recommend Kona as a solution. Here's an excellent place for Kona.


Yep, Jamaican Blue Mountain. Best stuff on earf, but so expensive...


Jamaican Blue Mountain is rather aspensive, but there is none better on the earf. ;) Just sayin'.

EDIT: How could it taste good and like monkey poo also?


I find everything about coffee so offensive that I thought it WAS monkey poo.


Organic Coffee Co. The Zen Blend is my family's favorite, though the Breakfast Blend is stronger.

We've compared several brands at work, including Jamaican Blue Mountain. Organic Coffee Co's remains the variety of choice. (We didn't find the quality difference merited the price difference... At our pay rate.)


@anorion, I just have to ask:
How do you know what monkey poo tastes like?


@tpscan: Zoo. Monkeys throw the stuff.


@anorion: Oh! So sorry for your experience. Learn to duck?


I cannot afford really great coffee so I generally buy only whole bean and brew what i do get as freshly as possible by grinding just prior to brewing, using freshly drawn water that doesn't smell like a swimming pool and not over-extracting the coffee beans (this is mostly a function of brewing time and grind size).

That being said (or written), my go to brand is 8 o'clock, usually the hazelnut or original or french roast. It isn't the greatest coffee, but it is better than most other stuff up to about twice its regular price, plus it is frequently on sale for about half off (and thus better than most stuff that costs four times as much).

My co-worker recently got back from vacation in Costa Rica and brought us some really great coffee... I almost regretted going on vacation (and hope that there is some left when I go back to work next week, though I doubt it).


I lurve me dunkin' donuts coffee. You can find special blends from time to time in farmer's markets too - I found a blueberry coffee that's amazing that way.


Sorry.....are you asking for brands or varieties?
As for varieties are concerned, Kenyan coffee has a smooth flavor that is unlike any others; Kona and Java are similarly smooth as well.
My favorite is Guatemalan and Costa Rican. It's more acidic than the previous ones.


@figgers3036: I like Dunkin Donuts Coffee too!
I have been known to grind my own bean.
I use a wire filter instead of paper.
I have not tried a coffee press yet...(I am really not sure I want to add more time to making coffee.


I've always been partial to Jittery Joe's. It's been a while since I've found any, but Morning Ride was a great coffee. Dunkin is pretty good, but Tim Horton's is way better.


If you want to try out some common Starbucks blends, their instant Via tastes just like the brewed coffee. They have several flavored as well as other blends. Then, if you find one you like, you can purchase it in a larger size when on sale. I personally like Folgers blend which is gentler on the stomach - it is really smooth and flavorable.


I'm quite fond of Trader Joe's whole bean coffee. Pretty cheap for a whole canister.

I don't remember the exact kind I buy, something dark, "Dark Sumatra" maybe. I prefer my coffee darker and more "roasty" tasting and am not a fan of tart tasting coffee, or "brightness" as I think they call it. I have a couple friends who strongly prefer bright coffee though.


@lumpthar: I second the Kenyan AA and Kona.

I also like French Market for cheap and found in the closest store kind of coffee. It is strong and has a peppery flavor.